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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Biography Review - Confessions of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon

Author: Cap Lesesne, M.D.
Review date: Sep 2009

It was the first paragraph on the back of this book that caught my interest.

One of the world's top cosmetic surgeons reveals just how far the rich, the famous and the desperate will go to be beautiful.

Basically, the book is promoted as a "tell all", although it becomes quite apparent the "all" refers to procedures and techniques more than the people he has worked on. Dr Lesesne talks endlessly about his abilities (let's just say he likes to blow his own trumpet a bit) and of the types of procedures he does, and the kinds of people that he works on (described as "an invesment banker" or "a major, Emmy Award-winning actress" or "a European royal") which, although interesting, if you're not in to a Guess who? game, can become quite annoying. Not that, with doctor/patient confidentiality you would expect him to have a list of names in the book with their procedures written next to them, but considering the title, you would think there would be some more telling information in there! He does, however, touch on his relationship with Katie Couric (of the USA's Today Show fame, now a CBS news presenter) under the chapter entitled America's Sweetheart. It appears things didn't end well there. Hmmm.

In the beginning of the book, Dr Lesesne documents his journey, in quite some detail, in to becoming a plastic surgeon. I think, not knowing who he is, I found this a little tedious to read. But the worst thing I found about reading this book, is how it made me feel about myself afterwards. Dr Lesesne talks in detail about the aging process. What goes first (the neck apparently) and what traits he feels need to be addressed etc. It made me look at myself in the mirror with a much more detailed and judgmental eye than what I did before reading this book, and as an almost 40 year old, I didn't like what I saw! I found myself pulling my face this way and that, stretching out my neck...looking for all the things he had pointed out. If you're like me, and you're not planning on going under the knife to try and hold on to your (semi) youthful appearance, then I'd recommend you not read this book. Unless, of course, you have amazing skin, next to nil wrinkles etc, and it might make you feel even better about yourself. Personally, I don't want to stand anywhere near you right now. Hmph!

A number of times, I almost gave up on the book. But I don't like to do that anyway, so I pushed through. It's not one I would highly recommend. Although, having said that, I did find it slightly useful at the time. I had a large mole removed from my ear, and because of its position, my dermatologist suggested I see a plastic surgeon. Dr Lesesne does give a good deal of information in the chapter entitled Failures (and What to Ask a Surgeon) on how to go about finding the right surgeon, and what qualifications they should have (and it incorporated Australia's relevant details). So there you go. All was not lost.

My rating out of 5:

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