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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Biography Review - See Naples and Die

Author: Penelope Green
Review date: Sep 2009

This is the follow up to Penelope's book When In Rome. (Read my review on that one here.) In See Naples and Die, Penelope takes a job in Naples, leaving behind her beloved Rome to throw herself in to the unknown of Naples. She decides to uncover the "real city" of Naples.

Whilst her first book was more about her search for a relationship, chasing a more relaxed lifestyle and set against the beautiful backdrop of Rome, this book is focussed more so on the actual city of Naples. The people, the places, the culture. She becomes quite fascinated with the Camorra - Naples' mafia, and the Camorra's effect on the city and she interviews many different locals to help her form her opinion on the city.

But it does have a little romance in it as well. Still chasing a special relationship with someone, she does eventually meet a bass player in a local band whom she thinks might be just the person she's looking for....

Whilst I, once again, enjoyed Penelope's writing, the content for me wasn't exactly what I had hoped the book would be about. Don't get me wrong: I was interested to hear about Naples, but for me, there was too much about the city, and not enough about Penelope and her life in the city, this time. Therefore, my rating below reflects my enjoyment of the book, not how well it was or wasn't written. (Having said that, it's not like I'm a book critic anyway!!!) Penelope has recently released another book called Girl By Sea which is her final book in the trilogy. I have now purchased this and added it to my pile of books and will review once read! Stay tuned....

My rating out of 5:

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