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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amazing Story Ends on Low Note

I read an article online in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning about a 40 year old woman in Germany who was in a coma for 22 weeks of her pregnancy after suffering major heart and brain damage after a heart attack (view that article here).

It's an amazing story, because her child was born healthy - a world first (in other similar cases, the mothers have miscarried or the babies born deformed) - and is now 18 months old. Great, great news. Extraordinary!

But here's the sad bit. Right at the end of the article, it states that the Father has put his son in a home, due to the fact that he "had to travel often for his job". Huh?

Now, I can't judge this man's circumstances. I don't know him, or even what line of work he's in. But in my opinion, those who travel for work are usually doing ok. This poor child has survived against the greatest of odds, and yet his father has now given him up for his work. Why couldn't he find another job? Get in to another line of work? For goodness sake, if I had to scrub toilets to be around for my son, that my dead wife had spent 22 weeks in a coma to bring in to this world, I'd do it in a shot.

This is sad...very sad. And surely, so unnecessary.

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Liz.. said...

Oh that is so sad :(