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Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Hit By Train, But Safe

This is the most incredible, and possibly the most disturbing video I've ever seen. Up to you if you view it (below).

A Melbourne mother was standing waiting for a train when her six-month old baby's pram rolled off the platform, on to the tracks, just as a train rolled in to the station. CCTV cameras caught the action as the pram was carried 30 metres down the track.

Amazingly, the baby suffered only slight injuries to head. It's quite the miracle he survived. And now Oprah has come calling. Turns out the video has been viewed worldwide and her producers have been in touch about interviewing the mother.

I feel so much for this Mum. I'm pretty sure most of us have taken our eyes off our children for an instant and found them outside the store situated on a busy road, or missing in Target after shopping for socks (both of which have happened to me)! I just hope she is not too traumatised by this. Watching her on the video I felt ill, imagining all the thoughts running through her mind. I hope she turns Oprah's producers down, and just puts this behind her as quickly as possible (which won't be easy, but won't be made any easier if Oprah's involved).

All I would remind Mums with bubs about is using the brakes on their baby's prams. Or, like me, if they no longer work (I think I'm going in to have mine fixed after seeing this), you have to hold on at all times, or park it so you know if it rolls, it's not going far. Sounds simple, and obvious, but it's amazing how often prams roll off (like the Adelaide mother whose child rolled in to the lake in Dec 2006. Unfortunately, he was not so fortunate. If you want to read that story, it's here. Awful).

Thank goodness bubs is safe. That's the main thing. I've posted this story because I think it is a good reminder about safety for us all. Me included.

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Ami said...

I heard about this story through some friends and didn't think I wanted to watch the video. But then I saw it here and decided to. I agree Jodie, I felt ill when I saw it, it probably would have been worse hadn't I known the bub was relatively ok. That poor mother.

And yes, definitely say no to Oprah, thank God your baby is ok and get on with living life.

Also a great reminder to parents and breaks. Guarantee I won't be forgetting this any time soon and I don't even have kids yet.

Nomie said...

We were talking about this incident at work today, and you're right, it is easy to get distracted. I missed it on the news, mainly because if the kids are around we just don't watch the news, the footage is still terrifying, I can only imagine what the Mum must have been going through for those long seconds. What an amazingly lucky baby and Mum. I have done that exact thing, letting go of the pram to hitch my jeans up,.
I agree, say no to Oprah, hold your baby close, and get on with life.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

I couldn't have watched it had I not known the baby was ok. In fact, I doubt the video would have been released if there had been a different outcome. The authorities decided to to spread awareness by releasing it. I remember after the Adelaide baby died I suddenly saw a lot of mums with those straps that you attach to your wrist and your pram, therefore if it rolls away, you stop it. It can happen so quickly. Hopefully, the release of the video to the public will help spread a renewed awareness of safety! Thanks ladies.

Liz.. said...

how awful, that part when the mother realises and trips to catch the pram makes me feel so nervous, the thoughts that must have been running through her head, i cant even think about it, thank god the baby is ok.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

That's the part when my heart leaps in to my throat. It's hard to watch.