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Monday, October 12, 2009

Biography Review - Mama Mia, A Memoir of Mistakes, Magazines & Motherhood

Author: Mia Freedman

Just like her writing in the weekly Sun Herald magazine, Mia writes with a huge amount of honesty, frankness, and candidness. I love that she was able to admit mistakes she had made, both personally and professionally. She has a great humour to her writing (it's my kind of sense of humour to a tee). I found myself laughing out loud in many places, and then she'd write something incredibly moving (her chapters on the loss she endured during her second pregnancy is a particularly beautiful and heartwarming addition to the book) and whilst reading it, I'd find myself in tears. I related on so many levels in this book, and I've experienced much of what Mia has (her fear of flying, what she experienced during birth, the loss of a baby, a bad relationship, and I even worked for a magazine once - to name a few), as I'm sure a lot of women/mothers have.

And I think that's what makes this book such a good read. (It's an easy read. If I had the time to sit down for a whole day, I'd happily read it in one sitting.) It's a great read for all Mamas (and those that aren't) out there!

For more information on Mia and her website to to Mamamia.

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