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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glamming It Up

This weekend is my eldest sons' major (and only) fundraiser event for their school. It's huge. Bigger than Ben Hur. A two-day art & craft show extravaganza. 52 parents have donated their time for a good part of the year to putting this shindig together. But before that happens, tomorrow night (Fridee Night - as I like to call it) is the official 'Opening Night'. It's time to glam it up.

Of course, I'm not as used to putting on the LBD and complimentary jewellery these days. But back in my hey day (think late 80s, early 90s), throwing on a frock, some heels and my best underwear was a weekly event. Often twice-weekly, in fact. It was back then, in my nightclubbing days, I'd spend at least an hour getting ready (but usually much longer). Choosing the right outfit, the right accessories, the right shoes. It had to be just...right. Makeup was applied carefully, hair washed, dried, teased (remember: we're talking late 80s here) and hair sprayed in to place. It was quite the ritual. One that often started late afternoon, with a couple of cucumbers or tea bags over my eyes and a lie down on the couch, before really turning up the heat early evening.

These days, the opportunity to frock up comes albeit occasionally. The odd dinner party, school function, trip to the theatre. It's rare. And I have to say, the preparation is somewhat different these days.

The outfit is something already in my wardrobe. I won't buy anything new. I've worn what I own so few times, I just can't justify it. The choice of what I'll wear (and believe me, there's not much to choose from) will come down to two things. 1. When was the last time I wore it? Is it long enough ago that if I wear it, people won't recognise it? 2. What haven't I worn around the people I'll be socialising with on this occasion? I'll take that one. That's it. Done. Outfit chosen.

My preparation is also somewhat less, er, time consuming than what it used to be. Hopefully, I'll get around to shaving all those not-so-smooth areas on my body. At least, the ones that'll be on display anyway. And I'll preferably do that the same day as the outing, but often it will be done the night before. Time constraints.

I'll paint my toe nails the night before, but it's doubtful more than 1 coat will be applied, and it'll be a little messy. But I'll just pray for 'mood-lighting' to take care of that.

The one little bit of luxury I'll have is a visit to the hairdresser to have my hair done. I justify this by telling myself that there were a few (or more) years there after my first son was born that I either just didn't visit the hair salon...at all...or, when I did, I dropped in to a dodgy 'get-in-get-out' type establishment for a cheap wash and trim. (Sadly, I didn't even bother with a blow dry either.) Therefore, I saved a LOT of money back then, and it's ok to spend it now, on occasion. Besides, finding the time to blow dry and style my hair just doesn't come easily when visits of all kinds to the bathroom are often made during this process by at least one of my boys (and that includes Hubby).

And so, here's what I guarantee will happen on the night (because it's the same drill each time). Our babysitter will arrive, and I'll still be in my day clothes. I'll race off to change in to my frock, then back in to the bathroom for make up (and often, I've got at least one child bathing whilst this goes on), which I will apply quickly. Then I'll race back in to the bedroom to put on my jewellery and shoes and put my bag together. Head back to the bathroom to check my appearance. Make any minor adjustments (hair, change choice of earrings, add more mascara). Done. And it all takes about 10, 15 minutes max.

As I said, not quite the process it used to be.

Until next time...

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Nomie said...

Oh I love, love, LOVE a night out! Have a big one coming up in 2 weeks! I have however, been planning this for months... am writing post on it too!
Hope you have a fabulous time... and have fun at the hair dressers... a bit of pampering sounds well deserved with all the committee meetings, face painting research, and circle cutting out! Enjoy xxx