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Friday, October 09, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

Some sad news. My hairstylist has left me. She hasn't just left the hair salon I visit, but she's left the hair business altogether. This is bad. Very BAAAD.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. Just when I think I've found a stylist that I can trust, one that knows my hair, one that understands my hair needs, one that doesn't judge me when I just want to read for a while, or chat like buggery, they go on and leave me.

It's almost as frustrating as when I have to do the leaving. You know, how sometimes when you get a new stylist, they're excited about your hair at first. They make suggestions and come up with great ideas for your hair at each visit. Then one day, they're just not that in to you...or your hair. So you move on, hoping to find that special spark again with another stylist. At first it's awkward. You don't know each other very well. Talk is mere chit chat. You hold back a bit. You start with "Just a trim would be great. Maybe a re-colour....no, it's too soon. A trim for now...please". After a while, you open up to more suggestions. Foils, maybe a straightening treatment...and then suddenly, your hair can't live without them.

I've dumped hairstylists in the past for various reasons. They stopped caring about my hair. One was crude with his staff (which left me uncomfortable). One salon, the hairstylist was fine, but a 2pm appointment always started no earlier than 2.30pm, and took twice as long as it should have. One was too chatty, and some were just plain...bad hair stylists.

But when I find the right one, I know I'm living on borrowed good hair times. The business is notorious for a high turnover of staff. They move on to better salons, better haircuts or...they get sick of dermatitis and being on their feet all day, working long hours and talking constantly to their clients, and they leave. My last hair stylist wants to move in to fashion. Another went in to corporate banking. Go figure.

So, here I am again. Looking for a new stylist. I plan to try another at the same salon, but I'm nervous about it. Firstly, there's nothing worse than a bad haircut. What if she can't cut as well? I remember the time, when I was fifteen, the hair stylist suggested I go "a little shorter than usual". I trusted her. I went ahead. It was...DISASTROUS. Thin, flat-chested and gangly, I was out riding my bike after my new haircut, and a kid chased after me shouting, "Hey boy!" I was wearing a skirt at the time, dammit.

Secondly, won't she feel second best? I chose her colleague over her at first, didn't I? Will this start us out on the wrong foot?

Anyway, here's hoping that things work out. I'm sure I'll get over Kristina eventually (it took me over a year to remember her name, now I'll have to get used to a new one. Sigh), and one day I hope I'll look back with fondness on my relationship with her, and thank my lucky stars I found such a great replacement. Fingers crossed.

Until next time...


nomie said...

Oh, good luck... the ever illusive trusted hairdresser... have just been through that process (again) myself...
I also had a bad, bad, hair cut during high school... so bad my Mum let me have a day off school to recover! I was also called a 'lucky fella' by an older gentleman as I walked home from school with my friend and her sister... IN MY SCHOOL DRESS!
Hope you have a happy head of hair soon!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

That's so funny, Nomie! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been mistaken for a boy!