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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween is Haunting Me

I'm not sure what Hubby was thinking, but he decided this week that he'd take the kids trick or treating for Halloween. The first time for our boys.

And so, they have not long since left the house to pound the pavement in search of treats (and hopefully little, or no, tricks). The 7yr old has set off in his Dracula costume, the 5yr old goes as a skeleton (the long pjs that are a glow-in-the-dark skeleton design have come in handy) and the 2yr old as Superman. The dog has gone too. Hubby says he's the Big Bad Wolf. Sure. Whatever.

Here's my issue with Halloween. Firstly, I think it's yet another "holiday" that the stores have embraced due to its potential earnings. As an example, Hubby took the boys to Toys R Us the other night in search of a costume, and was annoyed to find that those that are usually considered as "cheap as chips" are now $70. (Surprise, surprise. They were not, however, purchased.) And that's something I dislike intensely. Products being grossly increased in price just because they're in demand. I mean sure, we all want to make a buck, and the stores deserve to do that too, but when it's something like a 70% increase, well, that's just insulting to me.

Secondly, I'm really not that keen on the idea of my boys knocking on the doors of strangers, asking for treats. To me, it feels like...well, begging. Perhaps they should have all been dressed as Oliver Twist and then at least I could have had them knock and say, "Please sir, I want some more." There they could have stood, looking a sorry sight, their hand stretched out looking for food. But then I guess the risk is that they'd have been slipped a piece a fruit rather than a lolly, and I can guarantee that wouldn't go down well.

But then, when shopping the other day for Dracula teeth and a skeleton mask, I bumped in to no less than 4 people I knew, in the short 20 minutes or so I spent in the discount stores, doing the exact same thing as me. Looking for Halloween apparel. And, I fear, this Halloween thing might really take off from now on.

So, ok, I'll just have to accept it I guess. But I can't do the door knock. That will have to be Hubby's gig. But I'll hang a Happy Halloween sign on my door, and have goodies on hand if need be. I'm no spoil sport. But I guarantee you won't find me dressing up for the occasion in a naughty-little-devil type costume like I saw the other day. Oh, no. You can count on that.

So, um, Happy Halloween one and all? Yep...

Until next time...

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nomie said...

I have embraced Halloween... I have friends from Scotland and Ireland where they have always celebrated. It has become quite a community event here, participating homes put out balloons and pumpkins... we make costumes... this year Master10 was a ghost, Miss8 was a witch, I just cut up a dress I bough from ebay that was never worn.. (and one I could actually let go of!) This year I even joined in... dressing up as a witch too... well, I have a lot of black clothes! It was really fun, and a great way of getting into contact with neighbours!
So from me... Happy Halloween! xxx