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Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm No Juggler (Unfortunately)

When I started this blog, a few people asked: "How on earth do you fit it all in?" Well, you know, I don't always.

I mean, I'm not drowning in everything. Ok, maybe the ironing is suffering a little...ok - a lot. But things are getting done...mostly.

Or so I thought. I'm used to juggling everything I do. Well, I attempt to, at least. Parenting, running errands, cleaning the house, cooking, food shopping, working on school committees, catching up with friends, etc, the list goes on. But sometimes, and in fact, quite often lately, I find myself dropping a few balls. And yesterday, I dropped a few. In fact, there is no greater example of how my life is going right now than what came out of yesterday's efforts.

The day didn't start all that well. Hubby came to me in the morning asking about clean underwear. He wanted to know if there were any spare underpants hanging around that he could, like, possibly, you know, wear?

Off I ran to the study, where, as you would expect - of course - the laundry is kept. I rummaged through the pile, throwing socks, t-shirts, little person's underwear, knickers and bras aside and....nothing. Oops. In a brief moment of desperation, I picked up a pair of mine and gave them a bit of a stretch. Could they pass? Um, nup. With a feeling of dread, I knew I now had to tell Hubby the unfortunate news.

"What?" was his response, followed by a look of annoyance and a shake of the head. Not good. He stomped off to fetch out yesterday's pair. Nice. Let me tell you, the washing went in to the machine REALLY quickly after that.

Even though he didn't say it, I could see him thinking, 'What on earth have you been doing with yourself all week that there's not even one pair of clean underpants available?' And, you know, that's exactly what I'd be thinking if it was my knickers that were M.I.A. In fact, I was thinking that very thing when he asked about the underwear. Ball officially dropped.

Later, with clothes securely in the washing machine (including about 20 pairs of Hubby's underpants) I tackled the dishes. I can't remember what prompted me to think it, but I suddenly remembered my 5yr old had a birthday party to go to that day. I glanced at the clock. 10.45am. Eek! Was the party in the morning, or the afternoon? I dashed back in to the study to hunt for the invite (where, in addition to the laundry, the papers and the like are kept). I found it in about 10 seconds flat (far more successful than my earlier search). Let's see...time of party is...YIKES - 10am!!! "Oh my God, oh my God," I chanted, running around the house. "I've stuffed up - BIG time!"

"What, what?" Hubby asked, concerned over the urgency in my voice. I explained the party. Hubby was, once again, tight-lipped. My 5yr old (who was still wearing his pyjamas, not surprisingly) was dressed in 5 minutes, his teeth were brushed, his hair quickly combed through, and the present wrapped and hastily shoved in to his hands. And then he was out the door with Hubby to the local park for his buddy's 'sports party' (because, surprise, surprise - I was still in my pjs too). (Usually, we make a birthday card, but there was no time and so - gulp - I had to write the birthday boy's well wishes on the wrapping paper. Yep - nice touch.)

Just as they headed out the door, the rain started. Brilliant. Now not only was my son arriving 1 hour late to a sports party in the park (BECAUSE OF ME) he would now be spending the remaining time there undercover, doing nothing particularly 'sporty' at all. GREAT timing on my part. Perfect.

I watched helplessly as the rain got heavier and heavier. No sooner had Hubby returned from the drop-off, it was almost time for me to head to the party for the pick-up. On the drive there, the rain fell so hard, I had the windscreen wipers on MAX and I STILL couldn't see where I was going. Then came the lightening...and thunder. COULD IT GET ANY WORSE???

On my arrival, everything was flooding. All the kids were crammed together under the nearest shelter, singing Happy Birthday and eating ice-cream cake. The 5yr old seemed happy enough. As soon as he saw me, he asked, "Can I have some cake before we go, Mum?" It was like a stab in the heart. He'd been such a good sport through it all. I wanted to say, "No. You can't. You have to eat TEN slices of cake." But of course, that would really make me popular with the birthday boy then, wouldn't it? His buddy turns up late, then eats every piece of cake in sight. Sigh.

As we left, I said, "I'm so sorry Mummy forgot your party today, honey." And all he said was, "That's ok, Mum." By this stage, his main interest was on the lollipop he'd scored from the party. Aaaaghhh. Kill me now!!!! I feel so BAAAAD! Needless to say, for the rest of the day whenever he asked permission to eat a lolly from the lolly bag - it was granted. Immediately.

Afterwards, I had to dash to the shops to buy supplies that we were running low on. Oh, you know, just stuff like milk, bread, baby wipes...nothing super important.

And you know what? Unfortunately, this week is sure to be no different. There will be things I'll forget to do, and even more balls will be dropped. There is no doubt in my mind of this. But that's just how it is at the moment. Life is very busy. But after this weekend, I'm determined it will get better. The last thing I want is another son of mine to miss out on something as special as a friend's birthday party, and I'm not keen on Hubby discovering there's no clean underwear in the drawer, or in the study for that matter.

I WILL be more organised. I WILL go back to my incessant To Do List-writing. I WILL...just...do more...stuff.

Really, I will.

Until next time...


3pm Pimms said...

Well we have all been there!!! Does Hubby think maybe he could do a load of washing even now and again... we got a new washing machine and I think my Hubby is scared of it and all the pretty buttons and associated lights. I think we are all a little over committed at the moment and have to say NO! sometimes this weekend isn't helping so lets make it to 3pm Sunday and EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!!!!!!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Well, in Hubby's defense, because I'm at home I do take FULL responsibility to have the washing clean and, you know I have managed to find time to blog!! But in MY defense, last week was a bit of a logistical nightmare. Washing is now pretty much complete. Sort of. Now, if I could only find the time to iron...

Ami said...

I honestly don't know how you do it all Jodie! I spent all of yesterday washing and cleaning the house and no doubt by Tuesday it'll all be a mess again. Oh, and the most important fact here is, we DON'T have kids yet!

I'm busting to be a mum, but know it's going to be 10 times harder than looking after 40 clients at an ad agency!

Your son's reaction to the b'day party was so sweet! But don't be too hard on yourself! Dropping some balls, just means your human!

Great post. x

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Thanks Ami!

You know, a friend once said to me that the more you take on, the more you seem to be able to achieve, and I think that's true. You just adapt. When I had one child, I couldn't imagine what it would be like with three, and I also couldn't imagine how on earth I'd get lunches packed and them off to school in time. But then, it just gets done. It does mean that some things don't get seen to as often as they should, but as long as the kids are fed, the house is somewhat clean and there's food on the table...it's all good!

Nomie said...

Ah, well, sounds a lot like my place at the moment! And before you ask why I am reading your blog while I am at work... well, am not at work... 2 sick kids and a hubby going interstate for a week on business... so, haven't even attempted to pick up balls to juggle yet! And have 5 draft posts waiting for me to finish!
As for the ironing... I find a quick flattening press with hands does the job! That and a lower spin cycle!
Don't be too hard on yourself... we all drop the ball sometimes... thats the way life goes... seems to me overall you're doing a great job at everything... and hey.. at least you had a present for the party boy... better than my last minute attempt to but one on the way!
Great post x

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Oh dear. TWO sick kids? How did you manage that Nomie?

Your hubby sounds like mine. Almost ALWAYS managed to be on a work trip when the kids got sick.

I'm taking on board the ironing tips. Need all those I can get. Hope the kids improve soon!