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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm No Tech Head (Unfortunately)

I think we all believe, when we're younger, that we'll never become fuddy-duddys like our parents. We think we'll always be in to hip music, and that we'll let our kids do things our parents never let us do, and, of course, we'll always stay up to date with all the latest technology. Wishful thinking?

My parents are in their eighties. They still call the radio a 'wireless' and I'm quite sure they are still figuring out what on earth a blog is. (They probably call it a 'blurb' or something similar.)

When I was 16, I watched in annoyance as they tried to work out the video recorder. (Our first one had one of those remotes with the long cord attached. Remember those? How darn inconvenient.) And I remember the time I came home from the shops to catch Mum taping over a soap opera that I had written and filmed with fellow students at my high school for a Year 12 Media Studies project. (It was a real corker. It was called 'A Fashion Affair' and it was based around a modelling agency. In the one episode we filmed, the storyline included one model having an affair, an illegitimate daughter, bribery, a drugging, a rape (um, no. Nothing graphic. It starred all girls - we finished with the drugging scene then cut to my friend - a Marilyn Monroe wannabe at the time - sitting up in the bed with the sheets tucked under her arms as if she was 'naked' - hence alluding to the fact she had just been taken advantage of), and it ended with a double shooting of the Modelling Agency boss. We left it up in the air who shot him (her). Was it the rape victim or his wife who had found out about his affair with another model? Ooooh. Exciting... I'm happy to say it hit the soap opera genre on the mark, and we received 25 out of 25! Probably my first, and last, perfect mark in school.)

But anyway, I digress. Back to Mum taping over my video. "Why did you do that?" I asked her. "I thought you liked Countdown", she replied. Funny isn't it? When you need them to tape something for you, they can't work it out to save themselves, but when you don't want them to tape over something, suddenly it's as easy as hitting the record button. Sheesh.

And now, almost 40 years of age, I find myself more and more like my parents were back then when it comes to technology. I didn't really even know what a blog was or how it worked a few weeks ago. In fact, I didn't even know how to find one. My usual thing is, when I can't work out something with the computer, to turn to Hubby. "Honey - the computer screen has frozen. Can you take a look at it?" "I'm not your personal IT guy, you know", he always responds.

Apart from my love of email, I'm so resistant to using computers to let my fingers do the walking, it was ages before I paid a bill online, and to this day, I rarely shop online either. Just a few Homeshop's from Woolies, and I think I bought a CD once off eBay. My friend, Jo, is the complete opposite to me in that regard. She once said, "I buy almost everything online. A parcel probably arrives on my doorstop at least once a week. And when it does, the kids usually see it and shout out 'Dad! Mum's been buying more stuff on the Internet!'"

But now I've taken on this blogging gig, I've had to get myself more comfortable with the whole technology process. In the past week since I fired this thing up, I've had to learn how to upload an avatar (and before that, I never knew what an avatar was - and by the way, is the term 'upload' or 'download'? I don't know), learn how to add "gadgets" to my blog (like my pretty background - I had to copy over the Html for that one - yet another term I'm getting used to), open a PayPal account (well, technically my IT guy did that one for me - Hubby), download (I think) my user-friendly, new comments for the site, learn how to add myself as a Google Friend on other's accounts, attach my blog address to my avatar on the Mamamia website, create a new email address for my blog, get it to work along side my personal email address, so I can check both from my Mac mail, join Twitter (I announced to my friend later that afternoon after doing so that I hadn't receive any 'twits' yet - smooth) and do...well, lots of other stuff.

But it's a challenge I'm relishing. I may be failing in holding back the wrinkles, and getting the muffin around my waist to disappear, but at least I'm getting totally technologically hip! Before you know it, my kids will be coming to me for IT assistance. (Ok, maybe not.)

But there's hope for me yet.

Until next time...

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Nomie said...

Well, as far as I can see you're doing a stellar job! I had to phone Hubby today to ask him to approve new comments, as I couldn't do it from my iphone! (It also took me about 3 attempts to actually phone him... sigh, these new fang-dangled techno thing-a-me-jigs!)
I also managed to delete my details from Mamamia when I got home from work today!
But, i can use ebay like a pro!... shopping is the one thing I can always manage, no matter how technologically advanced it is!