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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kim Cattrall Gives Miley A Run for Her Money

Here's a photo taken of a scene from the upcoming Sex in the City 2 movie.

It's of Kim Cattrall (50+) and Miley Cyrus (16). WARNING: Slight Spoiler Alert! Apparently, in this part of the movie both Samantha and Miley end up on the red carpet together at a function, wearing the same outfit! (No doubt, Samantha will be horrified and we'll all have a good laugh.)

I have to say, even though I wouldn't call myself a fan of the outfit they're wearing (but I'm no fashionista, so who am I to judge?), I think Kim looks AMAZING! If I can look half as good as what she does at her age, I'll be one happy woman. In fact, if I looked as good as she does NOW, I'd be a happy woman. Sigh.

I'm looking forward to seeing the second instalment of the SITC franchise when it comes out next year. I might not be in to fashion myself, but I can appreciate a dozen good frocks on the big screen as much as the next person!

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Nomie said...

I loved that at the end of the last SATC movie the girls were openly celebrating Sam's 50th birthday - Ok I know it's movie land, and they all looked fabulous, and I'm a HUGE SATC fan, so am biased, but still... at least they were acknowledging that age happens! Can't wait for the next movie!