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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lessons of Young Love

Being school holidays and all, I thought I'd re-post some old blog entries - from back in the day when I had about, ooh, I dunno - 3 readers? Therefore, there's a good chance you haven't seen this one. Enjoy. xx

I was at the local park yesterday, when I passed a tunnel in the playground and heard two boys talking. They were probably around 12 years old. One of them said, "Yeah, she used to be in to me last year, but then I pissed her off and that was that." Hmm. Yes. Young love. It's a difficult process.

It reminded me of my primary school days, and my own love life back then. Incredibly innocent, and yet challenging, because it was all so new. And some lessons on what was, and what wasn't the right thing to do had to be learnt the hard way.

When I was in Year 4 and 9 years old, one of the boys in my year, Jason, approached me one sunny afternoon on the school oval and said, "Troy really likes you. Do you want to go around with him?" Hmm, I thought. This could be interesting. I haven't done this before. I'd heard about it. In fact, my friend Adrienne had 'gone around with' Troy herself once. At the time, when I asked her what 'going around' with someone meant, she replied, "You know. You kind of walk around and maybe hold hands with them." That sounded quite fun to me. I was up for it. "Sure," I replied to Jason. "Tell Troy I'll go around with him." And with that, Jason smiled - no doubt pleased with himself that he'd secured his bestfriend a new girlfriend - and off he went.

The next day, another boy, Paul (and a good friend of both Jason and Troy) came up to me at the monkey bars, and as I was mid-swing, called out, "Hey Jodie! Jason really likes you. Do you want to go around with him?" Well, this was interesting. I was already 'going around' with Troy. I assumed I still was anyway. I hadn't seen him since I'd agreed to 'go around' with him the day before, except for in class, but I was pretty sure it was still 'on'. Still, I reasoned, best to hedge my bets in case things were already going rapidly downhill with Troy, and I was unaware of it. I dropped to the ground. "Ok," I replied, brushing the sand from my hands after my descent. "Tell Jason I'll go around with him." "Great!" Paul exclaimed, and off he went to tell Jason the good news. This was getting fun. It was so easy, and, you know, it wasn't like I'd had to hold hands or anything yet. Cool.

The day after that, Troy, Boyfriend No.1, approached me near the school canteen. For the first time since we'd become an item. "Hi," he said shyly, shuffling his feet as he did so. "Hi," I replied, stuffing a piece of my toasted cheese roll in to my mouth. A short moment of awkwardness followed. Should I say something? I thought. I really didn't know what the done thing was in this kind of situation. I looked down at his hands. Should I grab one? Before I could decide whether to or not, Troy said, "Um, Paul really likes you and wants to go around with you. Do you wanna go around with him?" Well, well, well. This certainly was getting very interesting now. Three boys vying for my attention, and all of them friends too! I felt quite special. Flattered. How could I resist? I was already juggling two boyfriends with ease. A third surely wouldn't prove a problem. Would it? "Ok," I replied. "Tell Paul I'll go around with him." The deal was done. Off Troy went.

So there I was - juggling three boys I had accumulated in just three days. This 'going around with' business seemed easy.

And that's when things went pear-shaped.

A couple of days after I accepted Paul's invitation to go around with him, I was playing British Bulldog on the school oval with a bunch of friends when Troy, Jason and Paul all approached me. They stood together. United, and yet, a little on edge with each other. Something told me that was my fault. "What's up?" I asked casually, trying to ignore the body language. Troy, standing in between his two friends, glanced briefly at both of them and said, "We've been talking. You can't go out with all three of us. You have to choose." Well, this was a surprise. And, kind of annoying. Hadn't they all asked me to date one of their friends? I mean, things had been going so well since we started this whole thing, like, 5 days ago. I thought about it a moment. How could I possibly go back to 'going around with' just one boy, when I was having so much fun 'going around with' three of them? It was all good as far as I was concerned, and not a single hand had had to be held yet. And so I replied, "I can't choose." They looked at each other, moved back a few metres and started whispering amongst themselves. I waited, and watched as they whispered, glancing my way occasionally, wondering what fate had in store for me. After a few minutes, they returned. This time Jason stepped forward, and gave me their decision. "You're dumped," he said matter-of-factly. "By all of us," he added. And with that, they turned and left.

Yep. It was a lesson that I learned the hard way that day, but it was a necessary one. As I stood there in the middle of the oval, watching my three (now) ex-boyfriends walking way, I realised I had played with fire. It was thrilling, exciting and made me feel good, but the consequences of my actions were evident in how it had concluded. Now I had no one. I thought about crying, but then I heard the voices of my friends shouting at me to rejoin the game on the oval. And off I ran...


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