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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A List of "Don'ts" from 1913...Part 2

It's time for some more good old fashioned advice from Blanche Ebbutt on how to be the best possible wife or husband you can be! (That is, if you'd like to transport yourself back to 1913.)

My, my. Blanche gets a little deep in Don't for Wives in this instalment. Enjoy.

Don'ts for Wives

I. Personalities (Part 1)
Don't think that there is any satisfactory substitute for love between husband and wife. Respect and esteem make a good foundation, but they won't do alone. (You got that right, Blanche! - JA)
Don't be surprised, if you have married for money, or position, or fame, that you get only money, or position, or fame; love cannot be bought. (Take note Melania Knauss-Trump. - JA)
Don't think that, because you have married for love, you can never know a moment's unhappiness. Life is not a bed of roses, but love will help to extract the thorns. (Oh, Blanche! Great work. - JA)

Don't for Husbands

I. General Habits (Part 1)
Don't drop cigarette ash all over the drawing-room carpet. Some people will tell you that it improves the colours, but your wife won't care to try that recipe. (I am SO with you on that one, Blanche! - JA)
Don't throw cigar-ends into the bowl of water your wife keeps in front of the gas fire. They are not ornamental, and she will not be pleased. (Um, anyone know why there's a bowl of water in front of the gas fire? Anyone at all? - JA)
Don't increase the necessary work of the house by leaving all your things lying about in different places. If you are not tidy by nature, at least be thoughtful for others. (Hmmm, yes. Good point Blanche. Hubby - take note: No more using the end of our bed as an extension of our wardrobe. - JA)

Stay tuned for future instalments!

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Nomie said...

Am loving these! I think the bowl of water is to keep humidity in the air? I think????

3pm Pimms said...

I must say I have taken note of the Husbands hint of not leaving things lying around in different places - it is I not hubby who is guilty here. I hadn't thought of being thoughtless now I know better I will try and be less thoughtless in the future. I think the humidity things is right. Sorry the end of our bed is an extension of my wardrobe I will try and be better and bike-bike thanks you in advance XX