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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Q: What Do You Do All Day? A:...

A day in the life of a full-time Mum. Sometimes, as busy as it is, there are just so many things that don't get done.

6.20am - Woken by Hubby moving around the bedroom in search of...oh, I don't know. Whatever it is he needs in the morning. Sound of shower running further keeps me from sleep, but I doze off eventually.

6.35am - Woken again by 7yr who opens bathroom door and proceeds to talk LOUDLY to Hubby who is still showering. Noise of shower and loud voices continues to keep me awake.

6.40am - 7yr old enters marital bed. Is surprisingly still...for a while.

6.45am - Hubby enters bedroom and turns on light to search for clothes. Talks to 7yr old and the dog (who has snuck in for a snooze on the floor. I mentally wonder if he's fairing better than what I am). Hubby leaves for work. 7yr old gets up to read. Aaah, finally. Some quiet. Doze off.

7.25am - 2yr old enters bedroom and then marital bed, talking in a 'playing outside in the middle of the day' voice. Convince 2yr old to fetch something.

7.30am - 2yr old is back (that was too quick). Time to get up. *Yawn*.

7.40am - Fix breakfast for kids.

7.45am - Blog and check Twitter (very important).

8.10am - Iron clothes for school. Eat a bowl of cornflakes.

8.20am - Change nappy, hurry boys along for school.

8.30am - Hurry boys along for school.


8.50am - Send boys down to school.

8.55am - Doorbell rings. Answer door. No one present. Hmmm, that's strange. BOO! Friend and daughter jump out in front of door and nearly give me a heart attack.

9.10am - Friend leaves and another friend arrives with craft items for school's upcoming fundraiser this weekend. Friend leaves.

9.26am - Prepare school lunch for boys (had a brain meltdown and didn't do it early enough). Prepare 2yr old's bag for daycare. Write quick To Do list. Stamp on envelopes to be posted. Gather items for outing.

9.40am - Leave for daycare.

9.45am - Arrive at daycare, kiss 2yr old goodbye. 2yr old is quiet, but doesn't say or do anything else. Make a haste exit from building.

9.50am - Drop lunch off for big boys at school.

9.52am - Arrive home to collect 7yr old's friend's bike helmet that I had forgotten to take with me to daycare. Drive to friend's house and leave on porch. Drive to Spotlight.

10.28am - Travel a million miles and arrive at closest Spotlight store to my house. Walk past water feature, suspended between floors and notice sign on it that reads: "Your Donation to the Guide Dogs is Appreciated" (or similar - my memory 'aint what it used to be). See coins shining in water, and wonder how the coins are retrieved when accessibility is not obvious?

10.29am - Still wondering about the coins. Does someone use a special scoop to get them out? Do they climb over and jump to the water to take them out by hand? If so, wouldn't that be really dangerous?

10.30am - And in fact, if they do that, how do they get back with all those coins to balance? Do they have a special bag that they attach to their waist?

10.32am - Realise have spent precious quiet moments with thoughts to myself on trying to work out how people collect money from the damn water feature at the local shopping centre. Sheesh.

10.33am - Enter Spotlight store to search for Face Paint for the school fundraiser.

10.36am - Still looking.

10.39am - Give up looking and ask for assistance.

10.40am - Locate face paint and try to work out what I need to purchase.

10.42am - Call friend, and fellow fundraiser committee member for guidance.

10.48am - Call another friend, and also fellow committee member for further guidance.

10.56am - Decide on face paint (throw in a couple of glitter colours for good measure) and proceed to check out.

11.00am - Momentarily distracted by Spotlight inventory.

11.03am - Um, still distracted.

11.05am - Line up at check out. Fail to find Spotlight members card. Bugger.

11.15am - Enter Chemist to purchase Sorbolene cream for face painting. Set off alarm. Bags checked.

11.20am - Sorbolene located, and head to check out, purchasing a (not very healthy) packet of chips for morning tea. Pay cashier. Wait for change. Receive none.

11.21am - Advise cashier I have paid with three $2 coins. "No," she replies. "You gave me two $2s and a $1." Don't really believe cashier, but too busy today to argue, so make a small "tsk" sound and leave, setting off alarm again, wishing now that I'd actually stolen something.

11.25am - Leave carpark for home.

11.42am - Arrive home. Let dog in. Dog goes crazy.

11.45am - Make a cup of tea. Eat two Anzac biscuits. (Side note: when I get stressed and time pressured, I eat a lot of crap.)

11.50am - Search Internet for examples of face painting.

12.15pm - Still searching.

12.30pm - Still searching.

12.45pm - STILL searching.

12.55pm - Had enough. Copy and paste to send to committee members.

1.15pm - Check emails, send emails, check Twitter, check Blog. Complete post and publish.

1.45pm - Head to shops.

2.00pm - Enter local Westfield. Notice there are Christmas decorations up. Is it just me, or does Christmas start earlier every year?

2.05pm - Happy to note that Christmas carols do NOT sound from the speakers...today, anyway.

2.10pm - Head to bank to close an account and transfer money.

2.15pm - Speak to "Simon" who, although friendly enough, advises me that I cannot close the account at his branch. I need to do it online.

2.20pm - Explain to Simon that on Sunday I was advised I could not do the transfer over the phone until business hours on Monday. Called on Monday to be told I had to close the account in person at the local branch. What's up with that Simon? Please?

2.25pm - Friendly, helpful Simon makes calls and establishes that, indeedy, this particular transaction must be done online.

2.28pm - I muse over this. It wasn't that long ago that almost NOTHING could be done unless you did it in person - especially when it came to bank transactions. Where on earth is the world headed?

2.30pm - Leave bank.

2.35pm - Purchase chicken burger for late lunch. (More comfort food fuelled by stress levels.)

2.42pm - Purchase dinner and then cupcakes for sons and a piece of cheesecake for myself for afternoon tea. (Need I explain this again?)

2.45pm - On verge of carpark, remember I have to collect Hubby's drycleaning. Return to store.

2.50pm - Dry cleaning in hand, return to car and drive home.

3.00pm - Fill our some forms for school and answer more emails.

3.15pm - Walk very quickly to school for pick-up to find children waiting.

3.30pm - Home from school. Afternoon tea is served.

3.35pm - Start writing P&F column for school newsletter. In it, I discuss the upcoming school fundraiser, and how it's messing with my diet.

4.10pm - Hurry boys along for swimming lessons.

4.15pm - Hurry boys along for swimming lessons again.

4.17pm - LOSE IT! "HURRY UP BOYS - WE HAVE SWIMMING!!!" I shout. Oops. I pop a jelly bean in my mouth.

4.21pm - In car and off to swimming. Reflect on day so far and where my stress levels are at. Wonder if it would inappropriate to drink wine during swimming lessons? Probably. Shame that.

4.33pm - Arrive at swimming.

4.40pm - Spot friends and join for 20 minutes power chat and down time.

5.00pm - Swimming over. Boys dressed. Off to daycare.

5.15pm - Arrive at 2yr old's daycare. 7yr old insists on taking a large Lego Bionicle toy upstairs to meet 2yr old with.

5.17pm - Preschoolers gather around 7yr old as he shows them his toy. 2yr old is oblivious. He smothers me with kisses and hugs and jumps up and down in excitement. God bless his little soul.

5.35pm - Home from daycare. Run bath. Take out rubbish. Put out council bins. Put boys in bath.

6.10pm - Boys all washed and dressed. Start dinner for boys. Chicken schnitzel with tomato, carrot, cucumber and chips. The 2yr old will only eat the chicken and chips. Not in to anything remotely healthy unless it's pureed.

6.45pm - Pour glass of wine. Commence sorting and folding of washing in study. Think yet again: 'Five people create a LOT of work.'

7.10pm - Hubby home. Commence dinner for Hubby and I. Chicken schnitzel with chips, grilled tomato and steamed carrots.

7.30pm - Pour second glass of wine.

7.40pm - 2yr old to bed. 2yr old will call out at least three times for 'water'. No wonder I have to change his nappy late at night before I sleep. He'd never make it through the night.

7.45pm - Hubby and I eat. Send big boys off to get ready for bed.

8.10pm - All boys finally in bed. Off to finish newsletter for school.

9.30pm - Finish newsletter. Check emails. Look for further info to include in newsletter (which I can't find - email friend for HELP)!

10.20pm - Info found, written up and sent to school admin for inclusion in newsletter. Start a new post for blog (this one).

10.50pm - Off to have shower.

11.10pm - Dishes. Oh, I hate dishes. Load in dishwasher and tidy up dinner table.

11.40pm - Change 2yr old's nappy. Check big boys. All sleeping and seemingly happy. Write a quick list for following day.

12.01am - Read 15 minutes of book, Girl By Sea.

12.20am - Bed. Finally.

The annoying thing? Not even a chance to clean through the day. Still have a number of items on my list that are not completed. Sigh. Tomorrow is another day...

Until next time...


Nomie said...

LOVE IT!!!! Very funny, and very, very true!
Nothing else to add, still smiling from reading! I'd say you deserve a glass of wine very soon! xxx

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

I'm thinking about getting out the big guns. A Margarita would go down well after this week is over! Thanks Nomie. x

april said...

wow - well done :) impressive

3pm Pimms said...

Will we have time for a margarita on Sun arvo!!!