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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rainy Days...Part IV

And so, the school holidays have concluded. Although we haven't achieved all that much during the last two weeks, it hasn't been without its eventfulness.

There was my 7yr old's head injury and the dog weeing incident (see Rainy Days Part I), my extreme laziness which inadvertently created "pyjama day" at our place on one day (see Rainy Days Part II) and then my 2 yr old's clash with a swing and my big boys' new Wii obsession (Rainy Days Part III).

Week two of the school holidays arrives, and with it, brings sunshine. At last, I think. We'll be able to actually GO somewhere. The thought has barely entered my brain when my 5yr old develops a fever during a play date with a friend. I muse that it never ceases to amaze me how kids can go from seeming completely fine, to being helplessly unwell in such a short time period. Snap! (That's the sound of my fingers clicking.)

And so, when the 2yr old is off to daycare on the Tuesday, we spend the day home anyway. I spend WAY too much time on the computer playing with Twitter, my blog, setting up my email accounts etc. But, the weather's not great anyway (it's cold and windy), so the 5yr old lies on the couch, heating up the place with his persistent fever and the 7yr old, always able to amuse himself, passes the time with various activities.

The 5yr old improves after a couple of days, but before he does, we spend even more time at home. (Oh, joy.) The 2yr old takes to singing all his sentences. I can't work out if he does this out of interest, or he's delirious after spending so much time in the house.

We finally make it to the local park on the Thursday. We take the dog, who runs around like crazy (he's been going balmy as well), trying to engage any dog he can find to play with him, as if to say, "You gotta give me some doggy time, dude. I've been stuck with the little squirts and their mother for almost 2 weeks now!" We meet up with some friends, and the 7yr old plays handball. The 5yr old takes it easy and the 2yr old gets up to his usual mischief.

Hubby takes Friday off and goes crazy with the garden. Mulching, trimming and the pulling of weeds ensues. I do the same inside the house. Cleaning like a woman on a mission to...ah, have a clean home? We're too exhausted to put a meal together, and so it's off to Gourmet Pizza for some dinner and a well-deserved glass of wine. A game of Monopoly follows afterwards, which is finished the following day. The 7yr old wins, forcing me to sell him my prized 'Mayfair', only to build hotels on it and wipe me out of the game not long after that. Little bugger.

On the weekend, the 7yr old starts cricket for the first time. It's a 2 hour commitment each week. Funny how things work out, isn't it? I spent much of my youth complaining to my parents about their incessant cricket-watching over summer, to now watching my 7yr old playing that very sport. It's not competitive (goodness, no. We wouldn't want our kids to experience anything of the sort! We might upset them!), but it doesn't stop my son and his team members jumping up and down and hugging and generally 'going off' when they get someone out.

Being around his school aged brothers 24/7 for the past almost two weeks, the 2yr develops some responses that really don't belong in a two year old's vocabulary. When I say goodbye to him on one particular day, he responds with, "Bye-bye, Poo-Poo." Hmmm. On another, we are in the car and after the 7yr old makes an observation about something or another, the 2yr old responds with, "What the heck?!" And then, Tuesday rolls around again, and it's the first day of school. I announce, "Let's get going then," and move out the front door. The 2yr old pipes up, "Let's get going then, suckers!" Many talks about setting a good example for their younger brother ensues on the walk down to school.

And so, the holidays are over, the toddler is off to daycare, and I find myself alone for the first time in weeks. Relishing the quiet. And then by 3pm? I'm tired of listening to myself talking in my head, and welcome them home again. Until they start fighting, and we have to run off to swimming lessons, and I find myself reaching for the bottle of wine. Sigh. We all survived the holidays. That's the main thing.

Until next time...

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