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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thongs. A Fashion Crime?

It seems that some people think that women should never wear thongs. Are they serious?

I was listening to the radio this morning (on my own in the study, ironing. If you read yesterday's post, you'll understand why). Melissa Hoyer, a social commentator who is a regular on various radio and tv programmes and has her own blog, amongst other projects, was visiting 2DayFM this morning to talk about fashion on the fields during the Spring Racing Festival. The conversation turned to Melbourne Cup Day, and footwear.

"Don't carry thongs in your bag," Melissa said. "Just don't do it. If you're going to wear heels, wear them all day, even if your feet are killing you in the end." (I should point out at this stage, that I haven't quoted the conversation verbatim. My memory isn't that good, but it's pretty darn close!)

"Should women even own thongs?" asked Kylie Sandilands. "No, they shouldn't," Melissa replied. At which point, Jackie O and Kyle giggled because it had been announced just moments earlier that Jackie had arrived to work in (GASP) track suit pants and thongs.

At this point, Kyle commented that his opinion on women who wear thongs is that they appear an "easy lay", or something to that effect. Jackie then asked Melissa if she pretty much wore heels all the time? "Yes, I do," Melissa replied, to which Jackie said, "Oh, I admire women like you..."

Really, Jackie? You admire someone because they squish their feet in to a pair of heels for the good part of 24 hours?

Look, I'm all for heels on occasion. I'm also a fan of frocking up on the odd night. But every day of the week? I don't think so.

Admittedly, I'm not in to fashion. About as fashionable as I get is a trip to Esprit where I occasionally stock up on t-shirts, and long sleeved tops, pants, jeans, shorts...pretty much my entire wardrobe. It's functional, it's comfortable and it's reasonably priced. And sometimes, I buy a pair of thongs from there as well. I don't wear them every day. That's not great for your feet. (Which applies to wearing heels all the time.) But on a hot day with shorts? Yes. To the beach? Absolutely. Why the hell not?

At this point, I found it interesting to discover that Melissa is a mum herself. How on earth does she get by without a pair of thongs? There's nothing easier than throwing on a pair to take the kids to swimming or for a trip to the local park on a hot summer's day. Even to a play centre where you can't wear your shoes in the play areas, and let's face it - who hasn't had to rescue a child at some point from one of those play structures?

Thongs are fine. Let's not have others dictate what is, and what isn't appropriate when it comes to dressing and our footwear. At the end of the day, it's not what we wear, it's who we are. Right?

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Liz.. said...

i agree with the not taking thongs on Melbourne Cup Day i think it would ruin your look all dressed up with thongs on but in regards to everyday - that woman is a nutter!

Ami said...

Melissa Hoyer seriously lives in fashion fantasy land. We had friends bring thongs to our wedding so they could dance all night! Heck I even wacked on a pair of flats towards the end of our wedding night myself so I could keep dancing!

I live in my havianna's. I'd wear them to work if I could. But flat slip on's are the next best thing. Would love to see her 'outfit' for a beach trip!!

Nomie said...

Seriously? Heels every day, all day? Like you Jodie, I love a good frock up, I own my fair share of heels... I also own my fair share of havianna's. I'd like to see me tottering around at work in heels, chasing after 5 year olds... and really, when it's over about 30c I can't think of anything better than a pair of thongs... that woman is in fantasy land!

Ami said...

Oh and last count I own 58 pairs of heels! But certainly don't wear them every day!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

58 pairs! That's quite an effort. I'm not really a "shoe person", but my sister is. She LOVES shoes, and I'm sure her total number would be quite impressive.

april said...

Haviannas rock - silly commentators..