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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Ever Happened to the Real Katie Holmes?

What ever happened to the Katie Holmes we knew and loved when she starred in Dawson's Creek?

There's a little piece on the Sydney Morning Herald website today on Katie Holmes - actress, wife to Tom Cruise and mother to little Suri (yet another strange, celebrity name - see my post on Grant Hackett's twins here about that). You can view the SMH article here.

I was a big, and I mean BIG, Dawson's Creek fan back in the day. I recall how disappointed I was when they canned the last series of the show on prime time tv after only 1-2 episodes. One week it was there...the next, gone. Imagine my excitement when I turned on the tv one afternoon to find it had returned! For that last season, it was my guilty pleasure at, from memory, 2pm in the afternoon Monday to Friday whilst my now 7 yr old was off in dreamland for his afternoon sleep. I have such fond memories of the show, I've even recently contemplated buying the series on DVD to get all nostalgic over. (I have almost convinced myself it's just the catalyst I need to get me motivated to do the ironing.)

Outside of the show, I always thought Katie Holmes seemed a pretty fun kinda gal. She seemed relaxed, intelligent, all of that. She made some pretty good movie choices too, that allowed her to show her diversity as an actress. But then she took up with Tom Cruise and, well, where did that fun girl go? Ok, she didn't go missing in the beginning. She was photographed riding on the back of his motorbike, sightseeing in Rome, allowing him to dip her and plant a big smooch-a-roobie on the lips - all the time smiling widely. But then, something changed.

Some may argue this is Tom's influence, or Scientology's. I don't know. I just don't think she looks very happy at times. Or, maybe the photos I'm seeing are those that are taken when she's annoyed with the paparazzi following her. I'd probably have a sullen look on my face too if I had to put up with that every day of my life.

Of course, she was a mere young 20-something back in her DC days, and she's obviously matured since then. But now, she always seems so...reserved in her interviews to me. It's like she's conscious of every word she utters in public. Perhaps she's worried about how she'll be portrayed?

In any case, I'd like to see at least a little of the old Katie back. Come on Katie! Loosen up, girl! Life is here to enjoy - have some fun!

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jo said...

Hi Jodie, I love your blog and being an addictive personality (mostly reserved to shopping) I will happily now be a regular visitor to your escape from the mayhem.

Just on Katie, I am also a fond follower of Katie (some would say at times too close as I have copied her hair cuts for a couple of years!) - I agree with you she could loosen up a little maybe take a leaf out of her daughter Suri's book, she always seems to be having fun!

Look forward to dropping in again.
Cheers Jo (aka Katie)

Jodie Ansted said...

Thanks Jo/Katie for your lovely comments! We'll make a good team if you become addicted to the blog, because I'm addicted to writing on it already!

Sonia said...

I remember watching Dawson's Creek a bit and having a crush on Pacey! I agree with what you say about Katie, she seems so measured now when she speaks, and she never smiles with her teeth showing anymore, strange. One of my all time favourite CD's is still the Dawson's Creek soundtrack, it has that beautiful song, Kiss Me on it. Still listen to it all the time!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Me too. Me too. Me too! I loved it when Joey and Pacey got together. Good times! And I still play the old soundtrack sometimes too. The song, "Feels Like Home", I remember playing at our wedding. Lov-e-ly!