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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Woman Convicted of Smoking in Car

Under new NSW laws, it is now illegal for motorists to smoke in their car with a child, aged 16 or under, present.

Alison Therese Manning (31) was convicted of the smoking offence a couple of days ago, although, she did manage to avoid a fine or sentence (currently a $250 on-the-spot fine can be issued to motorists breaking the new law). To see the full article on the news.com.au website, click here.

It's about time this law came in to place. The dangers of passive smoking, especially around children, has been known for some time, and throw in to the mix an enclosed car and, well, you can imagine the damage being done.

And whilst the act of smoking around children is bad enough (and keeping in mind, when I was a kid people were only just starting to understand the danger of such an act - these days there's NO excuse for it in my opinion), smoking in cars, in my opinion, should be against the law. Period.

We're not supposed to talk on mobile phones - they're distracting (agreed), so how is it, that a burning cigarette is not considered dangerous? If you're lighting one up, even just driving with it already lit, you can't possibly be able to have complete, 100%, control of your car, can you? And what happens if the cigarette is dropped? Instinctively, I would think, a motorist dropping a cigarette would look for it straight away, perhaps move suddenly to avoid being burnt, and perhaps lose control of the car. Isn't that possible?

But this is a good first step. Let's hope that Ms Manning's case will enlighten not cigarettes around Australia, but people's minds on the dangers (all of them) of smoking.

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Liz.. said...

agh i hate smoking, even more when kids are around, i think it is so negligent, how can people not think of the damage that they are doing, even if it is not their own kid!? ban the bloody things!

Ami said...

Couldn't agree more Jodie, that smoking should be banned in cars all together whether there's kids in there or not as it's just as distracting as a mobile phone.

I can't stand smoking at all, especially even near kids. It does surprise me that it's taken this long to have the car ban put in place. Let's just hope they can police it well enough for people to get the message.

Nomie said...

Smoking, blerk. On way home from work today with my window down... stopped at lights, driver in front of me also had their window down, and their second hand smoke was blowing in to my car!
If a parent smokes, they are well aware of the dangers, and really, smoking in a car with children? No excuse.