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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Hotel With Added Extras?

Hubby is travelling in the US for work this week. In a few days, he'll be staying in Los Angeles, in a hotel recommended to him by a friend. I have a feeling it's not just any hotel.

The other night he showed me the website for the hotel. As we were flicking through the photos on the website, I started to think that perhaps this hotel was appealing to the gentlemanly crowd. And I started to question just what "services" this hotel offered. (And I'm not referring to drycleaning.)

As always, a picture can say a thousand words, so, allow me if you will to show you what it is I'm referring to. (I have decided to keep the name of the hotel omitted.) Then you can make up your own mind.

This one is on the welcoming page:

And this one was on the intro to rooms and suites:

And this one is for some venue within the hotel:

And this one is for...oh, I can't remember. But look at all those fluffy cushions will you?

And this one is for the hotel bar:

And this one is for reception:

What's up with the gloves? And what exactly is in the bags?

And this one is for the penthouse suite. It's the only photo I can find with a bloke in it (apart from a guy in the background of the dancing shot, and the guy at the reception desk). And my guess is, this guy "works" at the hotel too. Doubt he'd look that bored otherwise.

But it gets better. We started searching through all the details of the hotel and found the section on Exploring LA and "Things To Do During Your Stay". The first thing I noticed was a description of what appears to be some sort of service which helps gentlemen in social situations. Called Social Primer at Alpha, it talks a bit about the services before going on to say the following:
"Step inside Social Primer at Alpha, a gentlemanly new pop-up shop in West Hollywood. Alpha's already your go-to when you need a pair of good jeans, some futuristic gadgets or a bit of highbrow smut."
Hmm. 'Highbrow smut'. I think that's a fancy way of describing "girly magazines". Don't you think?

There's a few other listings, like a painting exhibition, another Chinese artist, and some festival by the "Actor's Gang" called the WTF? Festival. Interesting. There's also some dance club called 8HILL which, apart from the mention of "the walls adorned with snapshots of anonymous flesh", sounds fairly tame. But then there's this. A club called Voyeur. (Are you seeing a common thread here?) Here's the description for that.
"Some people watch Eyes Wide Shut and decry the dark vision of depravity and alienation. But you always thought the parties looked like a good time. Welcome to Voyeur, a lavish new nightspot suggesting that highbrow elegance and a bit of S&M are not mutually exclusive. Gotta say, you couldn't agree more. Behind dank casement windows salvaged from the original New York City building, there awaits a dark lounge filled with corset-backed chairs and antique sofas made from bounced-against headboards."
Oh dear. Need I really say more?

Am I worried Hubby is staying at such an establishment? Nah. For two main reasons.

1. He worries about catching a cold from his beloved family members.
2. If the "services" cost more than $50, he's out.

Oh, and there's a third. He LOVES me!

Dontcha honey?

Until next time...


Ami said...

Wow that was a little eye opener! Had a good chuckle too! Hope your hubby has some interesting stories when he gets back! Of course none involving him!

Liz.. said...

haha Americans, 'services' aside - looks like a lovely hotel!

pottymouthmama said...

That is so bizarre!! I can't believe all those images. Pretty funny. I wonder what kind of guys stay there. FUNNY!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

I know my Hubby's friend likes the ladies.... so perhaps no surprise he recommended it!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

In defence of the hotel, there were many other photos WITHOUT woman in them. The rooms certainly look flash.

Bern said...

Highbrow Smut - What, like a mensa student who sells her shit on the street corner? Eek. Far out, Tell him to check it out, perhaps it's just what Queensland Tourism is lacking...

kerri sackville said...

I'll take the fluffy cushion!
Nah, asked architect/designer hubby who does international projects (and lived in U.S.) - he says it's just niche marketing, trying to be uber-cool. Send hubby with clear conscience and a big bag to steal those pillows.

Nomie said...

of course, when I stay at hotels, I am always on the look out for highbrow smut... and a good fluffy pillow to ... er ... wear with my shoes on the couch!
I'm with Kerri - big bag for the cushions... and ask him to send a photos of the robes... they might be worth packing too!