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Thursday, November 05, 2009

A List of "Don'ts" from 1913...Part 4

Here it is. The fourth instalment from Don'ts for Wives and Don'ts for Husbands. Blanche Ebbutt continues with some good old fashioned marriage advice from 1913...

Don'ts for Husbands

I. General Habits - Part 3
Don't slouch. No one who cares for a man likes to see him acquire a slouching habit. (Oh, too true, Blanche. Too true!)

Don't be too grave and solemn. Raise a bit of fun in the home now and then. (Margaritas help. - JA)

Don't keep all your best jokes for your men friends. Let your wife share them. (Ah, I reckon it's unlikely Blanche is referring to the dirty ones. Then again... - JA)

Don't look at things soley from a man's point of view. Put yourself in your wife's place and see how you would like some of the things she has to put up with. (ie Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself, Hubby - JA)

Don'ts for Wives

I. Personalities - Part 3
Don't moralise by way of winning back the love that seems to be waning. Make yourself extra charming and arrange delicious dinners which include all your husband's favourite dishes. (Oops. So you're telling me that pre-packaged lasagna just ain't gonna cut it, Blanche? - JA)

Don't put showy qualities before honesty and uprightness in your husband. (So, you're saying that fancy clothes, a flash car and big hip pocket means nothing? Well there you go Paris! That's why your relationships aren't working out! - JA)

Don't despise sound common sense because he doesn't indulge in brilliant inspirations. (That's just too sensible for me, Blanche. - JA)

Well, there you have it. Another load of inspiration from Blanche Ebbutt.

Until next time...

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Nomie said...

I love your comment about talking to yourself in front of the mirror.... so true!