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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Time To Lock The Bathroom Door?

More and more lately, I'm starting to think I should lock the bathroom door when I'm in there.

Last year, when using a public toilet with my 5yr old son, and relieving myself (nicest way I could find to explain that), my 5yr old asked, "Mummy? How come you have hair down there? And why don't you do your wee wee standing up like I do?" I could hear someone in the adjacent stall stifle a giggle, and I went red in the process. "Well, honey," I replied, "I just...do. That's all." Classic How Not To Explain Stuff To Your Kids 101.

Then a few months ago, my 7yr old walked in to the bathroom as I was taking a shower. "Ooooh!" he exclaimed, a big smile on his face. "I can see your boobies!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha...." "Alright!" I exclaimed. "Out!"

Then the day before yesterday, my 2yr old was standing in the bathroom as I was getting dressed. As I removed my pyjama top, he pointed towards my chest and said, "Mummy. You've got BIG nickels." Then he lifted his own top, looked down at his own nipples and said, "I got little nickels, but I'll get big nickels when I bigger." Ah, yep.

The thing is, I still feel like my sons are young enough to see their mum in all her natural glory. Aren't they? But then, I don't want them to feel uncomfortable, and I could do without the finger pointing and laughing at my expense. *Sigh*

So, when is the right time to start locking the bathroom door? Any advice readers?

Until next time...

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Nomie said...

ooh, good question. One I ask a lot... in a 1 bathroom house can be tricky... in the morning at any one time there could be at least 2 naked/near naked bodies in there. I've decided that if the kids are Ok and not uncomfortable, then I'm OK. I have said I'd like some peace when on the loo though... please... kids... are you listening?