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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Having a Rant: Manners, Please!

I braved the shops today. And I took my mother-in-law and the 3 boys with me. I'm crazy, you say? Well, yes. I think you might be right.

It started pretty well. We were at the shops by about 9.50am. A little later than I hoped. But all and all, we were doing ok.

Got a parking spot straight away. Good. Entered the shops with the expectation that I would be suddenly engulfed in a sea of other last minute Christmas shoppers to find...well, calm. Yes. It was pretty quiet indeed.

Until my boys entered Myer. I was looking for a present for my sister's 60th birthday. Which was yesterday. So you can understand my logic in searching for a birthday present two days before Christmas. (And once again, Cheryl. My apologies for it being late. Our trip to Port Macquarie mucked up my entire plan to get organised with the lead up to Christmas and your birthday.)

But anyway, I digress.

So, we were at Myer, and the boys start going nuts. Running around the store like crazy. Funny, because moments earlier I had watched another mother with her two boys who were dragging each other around the floor and thanked my lucky stars that my three sons were following me around quietly, checking out...well I can't tell you exactly what it was we were checking out, because my sister reads this blog, and it would give her pressie away.

I'm off track again, aren't I? *Sigh* It's been that kinda day.

So, they were running around madly (I guess the chocolate covered donuts - that I bought (what was I thinking?) - and candy canes they had consumed (given to them by the friendly guy at the cafe we had visited shortly before that) probably didn't help. Did they?) It became obvious that the sugar rush was taking over their bodies.

The 2yr old kept screaming (in delight at running away from all of us, especially his brothers) and then the 5yr old had a run-in with the corner of a shelf. All three boys were given (another) long, stern talk about the importance of behaving appropriately and not being silly because, you know, people get hurt that way. Right? (Nods and wide-eyed innocence all round.)

And then we went off to pay for my purchase. (Unfortunately, not my sister's gift. I had gotten sidetracked, and found something for myself. Sorry, sis) When standing at the counter, waiting, waiting, waiting for assistance (and surprisingly, NOT because there was a line - there just wasn't anyone to serve me!) out of the corner of my eye, I saw my 5yr old crouched down on the floor. The 7yr old, behind him, hovered over his head and grabbed him from behind, which caused the 5yr old to JUMP up and knock my 7yr old's chin, causing him to bite down on his bottom lip. Ouch.

Blood poured out everywhere. His white (AAGH!) shirt had blood all over it. It was all over his hands. It was even dripping down to the floor. And he was FREAKING OUT! The MIL and I frantically tried to find tissues and SOMETHING to stop the blood. In the meantime, I checked his teeth and then proceeded to lecture (again) about getting hurt through being silly. I may have used the old "I knew this was going to happen!" line a few times.

But during all this, I waited for a Myer employee to approach us and assist us. Maybe pass a tissue or something? Nup. Nothing. And when a sales assistant did finally approach the counter, she barely glanced the 7yr old's way, who was still covered in blood and a tissue in his mouth (which only slightly muffled his cries of "Are my teeth still in?") and looked decidedly perplexed when I asked for a tissue! My lord. She then glanced at my chosen gift (to myself) and asked, "Can I help you?" I pushed it over to her and said, "I was going to buy this. But now I have to look after my son who is bleeding everywhere. Thank you." And marched out of the store.

And then later I was in Coles and I heard a woman approach some men stocking the freezers in the cold foods section and she asked them abruptly, "Where are the frozen turkeys?" And less than a minute after that, a man approached and asked repeatedly, "Where can I find ice? Where can I find ice?" Until someone was finally able to answer his question.

And I was left thinking...where are these people's manners? Yes, I know it's a stressful time to be shopping. Many of us are concerned with getting everything organised on time. And we're over it. Completely OVER it. But does that give us the right to be rude?

I don't think so.

Relax people. Take a chill pill. It's the season of giving. Remember? How about we, you know, give a little?

Oh, and by the way sis. Got your pressie. ;)

Rant over.

Until next time...

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miss carly said...

tehehe. i dont think the sugar would have helped. but sounds like they were having fun.. til the blood happened.

think of it this way. you have ample bribing material now - the line - you know what happened last time you did that.. you dont want that to happen again..

as for manners. i just find in general sydney crap for it. i go up to forster and while im forever saying hello to people but if you bump into someone they BOTH apologise. here its met with either nothing or a hmmf.


Bern said...

Cool, am off to brave the shops in about half an hour if husband ever gets home from the tip (his 2nd love behind Bunnings) I however will be on my own. I am not entirely sure how I have winged this but am going with it. I could totally relate. Have had some variation of both Myer and Coles at some time.

At least now you can relax. Well as much as one can with tree boys under 8. Merry Xmas x

Nomie said...

Myer does my head in. I think they seem to have forgotten they are in customer SERVICE y'know, where you SERVE people.
I has a similar experience when then Miss2 (a BiiiiiiiiG time reflux girl) vomited in safeways. I had her, then Master4, and was covered in vomit, as was Miss2 and the floor... no one, NO ONE helped me, or even asked if I needed help. I had to leave a crying 2 yr old, and 4 yr old while I (dripping spew) went to ask an employee for some help, or at least a tissue to wipe my child with (stuff their floor) I was so pissed that not one single person stopped to help. That's why i always ask if it looks like someone needs help, and why I always give my spare change when asked in the city... who am I to judge what they use it for? It's called acknowledging your fellow human kind.
Ok, my comment is turning into a post on it's own!
I'm with you, what happened to manners?
Have a great Christmas xxxxx

Susie said...

I soooooo hear you Jodie! I parked the car at the Mall yesterday and before I was even out of the carpark and into the shops I heard someone abuse another driver who was taking "too long" to park their car. Nice to hear the "f" word screamed across the carpark. Then in the line for Santa photos a woman abused a mother whose child was taking "too long" to smile and was holding up the line! For crying out loud! It's madness!

Susie said...

I totally agree Nomie. On the other hand, I have a freind who works in Myer and they do have some issues with understaffing. Its not an excuse by any means. The job is "customer service" but my friend does a good job and is constantly being abused by cranky people. I certainly think that people in shops have a tough time around Christmas wth stressed customers.

Scattered Mom said...

One year I was getting some scratch and win lottery tickets for my Hub's stocking and chatting w/ the clerk when the old woman behind me made a really rude comment directed right at me.

I turned, looked her full in the eye, and smiled.

She didn't know what to do. Lolol!

Tara@Waffling Along said...

Oh noes, not fun at all. You need to jump on a plane pronto and get yourself around here for a manicure and glass of wine. Oh yes, it's all about the service at Salon Waffler :) I used to work at Daimaru and I get Soooo mad at the crappy service in some of the other department stores. It's really not that hard. Hope Mister 7s lip is all better. Now go and relax. x

Liz.. said...

ohh completely agree i hate people with no manners! Hope 7yr old is ok!