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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Livin' in the 80s

Ah, yes. The 80s. What a decade it was! And the fashion. Unforgettable. Take a trip down memory lane with me, as we revisit the decade of shoulder pads, fluro accessories and big hair.

The other night on Twitter, a few of my tweeps and I were tweeting about 80s fashion. After one tweet, where I admitted to wearing a white frilled skirt and matching top with black polka dots during that time, one of my tweeps said she thought she'd had the same outfit. Well, Nomie (of Under the Yardarm), I've put a picture of it below for you, along with some others I thought everyone might like. And I'm issuing a challenge.

I started the 80s aged 9, and was 19 by the time it was over. My "fashion" (if you could call it that) followed the basic trends. Shoulder pads, layers, frilled skirts, and chunky earrings. All worn, of course, with big hair at times. And whilst I have no photographic proof of it, I also wore fluro belts with matching socks, stirrup pants, leg warmers, fingerless gloves and blue opal lipstick. (Remember that? It was pink with a hint of blue in it. Classy.)

Allow me to share (and perhaps embarrass myself in the process) a few piccies with you. (Please excuse the quality of the photos. My scanner's on the blink, and this was the best I could do.) Let's head back to the 80s...

Christmas Day 1984
In this photo I was 14 years old, and full of attitude. (I was photographed with my niece and nephew, but have chosen not to embarrass them as well. But I will say one was in a Ken Done t-shirt, and the other in a Divine (remember that singer?) t-shirt.) Check out the flicked hair. And that shirt underneath the white jumpsuit (yes, I said "jumpsuit")! The sleeves were yellow netting.

December 1985
I had just had a disastrous perm. It put me off going to the hairdressers for years! I looked like Olivia Newton-John at the end of Grease when I came out of the salon. And not in a cool way. (That's our dog Benji with me by the way.)

January 1986
Still with the perm, but also the light denim. Denim jacket, denim jeans and always a bright colour was worn underneath. I'm wearing blue, but I also wore orange and green with this ensemble. Note: my jeans are tucked in to my socks. This was very much the fashion. I'm wearing a sort of sneaker here because I'm on holiday, but I also had white, low boots that I'd tuck my pants in to, always with the socks shown above the boots.

October 1986
This was my Year 11 school ball outfit. I hired it. Well, Mum hired it for me. Turned out, two other girls were wearing the same thing. Just in different colours. (One in lavender, one in hot pink.) I was a good sport about it. We had a photo taken together on the night, but I didn't get a copy. (Dammit. Would have been great to post THAT!)

Hubby calls this my "bogan haircut". I'd like to point out I was not a bogan. I may have looked like one in the 80s, but I was definitely not one.

October 1987
Fast forward another year, and here I am at my Year 12 school ball. I was obsessed with "Pretty in Pink" the movie, so dressed accordingly. This time, my dress was made for me. Just like Molly Ringwald made hers. (Oh, ok, that's not quite the same thing, but you get my drift. Right?) I even insisted on pink lace. The lady fitting it was a rather large Italian woman. At one point during a fitting, she grabbed my breasts and said something like, "Not much here." Yeah, thanks for that. Needless to say, padding was included in my frock. (You will note: I didn't start with much, so not even padding was particularly effective.)

And, um, yes. That's a big pink bow in my hair at the back.

November 1987
Here I am on my way out to dinner with my parents and my bestfriend to celebrate the end of high school. (We went to the local Chinese restaurant - pretty much the one restaurant my parents frequented - infrequently (does that make sense?) - and we'd always order honey king prawns). I remember the day Mum and I went shopping for this outfit. It was expensive back in the day, but Mum couldn't resist it because she really loved it on me. I really wish she had.

You probably can't see the detail, but the white patterns on the jacket and skirt are actually panthers or something. It had big shoulder pads, and a kind of elasticity to the skirt. Don't you love that I've paired it with black stockings and white shoes? (What on earth was I thinking?)

December 1987
This was taken at our end of high school celebration. I was having a particularly bad hair day. You can't really see it here, but my hair was kind of flat on top. (And of course, flat hair in the 80s was a disaster.) Here you are Nomie - the polka dot skirt and top I told you about!

January 1988
Here I've recycled the polka dot top to pair with a pencil skirt and one of those stretchy belts that were so hot back then. I'm off to my first ever job interview for a business magazine (in advertising sales). I got the job.

The earrings I'm wearing must have been a favourite at the time. I think this is the fourth photo now that I'm wearing them in!

May 1988
Here's the layering I was talking about. Jacket, skirt and pants. I thought I looked very cool in this outfit. Cutting edge. The jacket had shoulder pads, of course. And the pink top underneath? A jumper. Must have been cold that day.

I'm leaning against my very first car. A Datsun 120Y.

June 1988
This was my "alternative" phase. Lots and lots of black. I was on my way to a hip nightclub for alternatives in Perth, WA back then. I would dance to Dead or Alive, Pet Shop Boys and Bananarama no doubt. I remember on more than one occasion, standing outside that particular club and passersby in their cars would call out, "On your way to a funeral hey, luv?" *Yawn*

By God. I think I'm wearing those bloody earrings again! *Cringe*

Check out the funky wallpaper and carpet in the background. Noice.

New Year's Eve 1988
This was very much the look at the time. White top, brown belt, black shorts, white socks and black slip-on shoes. The earrings I'm wearing are black roses. I felt very trendy. But not unique. Most of the girls at this party were dressed almost identical to me.

My hair is up and, yes, that's a little black bow with a white rose clipped in to my hair. I was probably dancing to Rick Astley at the time. "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you doooownn."

April 1989
This was my "vest stage". I had a number of vests that were always paired with a white top, jeans, black shoes and white socks. Check out the stonewash in those jeans! I'm also wearing a, ahem, scrunchie in my hair.

I think I'm standing the way I am, because I'm taking off Kylie Minogue in her "Wouldn't Change a Thing" video clip. At least, that what comes to mind as soon as I look at this pic.

Late 1989
I just had to include it for the hair. I think I went crazy with the hairspray.

I was really in to wearing these light, chiffon type shirts back then. I'd pair it with a black tank top, or sometimes, just a black bra and black camisole! Ooh. Daring.

Later, I would incorporate my love of both vests and chiffon in to a top that looked like a vest from the front, but had chiffon sleeves and a chiffon back. I would wear just a black bra under it. Stylish.

I also liked long, chunky necklaces at the time, and big, hooped earrings.

Basically...anything BIG.

Well, that's me in the 80s. I thought my choice of clothing fairly tame.

Now, here's the challenge...do you dare to share? What did you wear in the 80s? Did you have big hair? Do you have a great pic of you in some Madonna-inspired outfit? If you do, I want to see it!

You can attach a pic to the comments if you wish, or post it on your own blog and leave a link here, or put it on Twitter and announce it to all!) I'd love to see that.

I might have to do the 90s at some stage. I have two words for you for the early 90s. Hot + pants.

Until next time...


Erica said...

OMG My first car was a Datsun 120Y too!

As for the photos, there really is no need for me to get mine out. Give yourself brown hair and you could be me.


Thea said...

Oh wow, Jodie!! That was a fabulous walk down memory lane. You were so trendy!!! Right, I'm up for the challenge. Might just do all three...post a pic here, tweet one, and blog about it too. This is fun! :)

This is a pic of me and my brother going to a deb ball. Yes, I had a gold bow in my hair made of the same fabric (Mum made the dress...my design) and don't you love my brother's white suit and skinny tie?!

miss carly said...

i would join in {but i will show my age}.

sigh. i was only born in 87.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Love it. LOVE it!!! This is so great.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Ok miss carly. Feeling slightly OLD now! :)

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

I think pretty much everyone had a Datsun 120Y. Or a

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

ooops... 180B. Many were white. Many were orange. Nice.

MegsyJ said...

That is fabulous Jodie. Love the clothes! And the hair! That brings back a lot of memories, but luckily I can claim that I had no responsibility for the clothes I wore in the 80s (I was born in 1980). They were still atrocious though - lots of frills, polka dots and shoulder pads. Lovely.

april said...

Oh wow - amazing and very very brave :) - I wonder if I have any of the 1980's photos....hmmm...

emlykd said...

Well Jodi, I would much love to join in on this.. but as I was born in 84, I spent most of the 80's being dressed by my mother.. In fact she was such a perfectionist, I'm pretty sure she was still trying to pick out my clothes last week.... So I will add a pic of me from 84, so u can all see how cute I was....!!! I am the cute one in the hood.. however in the background u can see my cousins wearing THEIR 80's gear...

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

How cute!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Yes please. Pics please!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Polka dots, shoulder pads and frills are all represented above! So we're both celebrating kind of milestones next year. Your 30th, my 40th!

Sarah said...

I loved looking at these photos. I left school in 1985 and have heaps of similar photos to yours. Unfortunately (or perhaps not!) they are all at my parent's house in London! But I had great perms and BIG hair - lots of jumpsuits - remember a particularly noice yellow shorty one I wore with a fetching white vinyl belt on a holiday in Greece. Also lots of BRIGHT fluro colours - pink, blue etc. Loved the little white socks too - lived in those with various shorty boots - pixie boots I think we called them!

Look forward to seeing your 90s pics soon - I had a great pair of stretchy black velour hotpants!

Nomie said...

Ah, Meeeemreeeeeeeees!! I promise I'll get some photos on here, but most are in another state, and the rest have people in them I need to clear with before I post!
Needless to say, I channelled many a high waisted pleated outfit, bad perm, and then there was my 'Miranda' from Picnic at Hanging Rock phase.... and my surfie chic phase (lived at a beach) what can I say!
Oh and I too had a Datsun! White 1200 (I think) loved that car!

Liz.. said...

i love looking at this, the 80s looked so much fun. I unfortunately, was not even thought about yet :( (1991 baby). My goodness Jody you were so skinny!! (shouldn't say 'were' i'm sure you still are!)

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Oh, I'd LOVE to see your pics! Sounds like you had some great stuff. I found looking thru these pics just took me back to that time. So much fun!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Surfie chic, hey?

Tara@Waffling Along said...

Oh what a hoot, love all your pics. Isn't it such a shame I don't have a scanner *shaking head sadly*, oh well, trust me when I say I had some super special outfits...pale jeans tucked into your socks, everyone did that right ?

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

You know what? There is hope for you yet. I couldn't scan. I took photos of my photos! There you go! Get to work luv!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

I'm getting suspicious of this response. So many people are claiming their pics "interstate" or "with my parents". Hmmm. I smell a rat....

Nicole said...

Oh Jodie, I am sure I could photoshop my face onto your photo's and they could be my memories too. What about the 'tube skirts' I got mine from Irene Whyte at Garden City and LOVED it. It was basically just a long piece of ribbing that you would then wear with a big white shirt and a cumberbund.
LOLed at the 'feeling trendy but not unique' comment. My BFF and I would plan to wear the same thing. "what are you wearing?" "My purple satin shirt, white pants, white cumberbund, purple hoop earrings" "ok I'll wear mine too" "ok"

Sarah said...

Oh yes - tube skirts - I had two, one black and one bright blue - used to wear them with men's white shirts and bow ties (!) and also gorgeous lacey stockings - now those were stunning...

kzmet said...

Jodie why did we all wear exactly the same thing year by year? Like everyone else you could put my head on top and thats basically my wardrobe. No, no piccies here but if I did I would put them up for old times sake.

Like Nicole below, I had a hot pink tube skirt, which I teamed with a hot pink and white horizontal stripe t shirt with a boat neck and a big white belt around my hips and white roman-style sandals. My hair was basically flock of seagulls at that stage, super long fringe with the rest boy short. Fabulous. Good times.

kzmet said...

How about a kermit green toyota celica? I loved that car so much it hurt!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

I've just remembered something else I wore in the 80s. A men's tie, that you purposely left not fully tightened. Worn with a shirt and what my Dad used to call a "granny skirt". Noice!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Sounds like you were pretty trendy there kzmet! Weren't the fashions just so wild?

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

When I was 14 I hated my body. I tried all sorts of ways to cover it up! I was definitely very, very thin! And not by choice!

Kell Bell said...

I was only born in 86 so no fashion stories from me but the white dress with the polka dots must have been popular and easily available - in photos of my brother's christening his godmother is wearing the exact same thing! The christening was in, you guessed it, 1988! At least you weren't the only one Jodie! And I must say your panther outfit is rather fetching..;p