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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Skinny Of It

In my teenage years, I was very, well, "skinny". Actually, I don't really like that term.

When I first discovered the world of blogs, it was Mia Freedman's blog, Mamamia, that I turned to first. And one of the first posts I read of Mia's was one she did on body image. It was about accepting "plus-sized" models (another term/label I'm not keen on) on the catwalk etc.

When scrolling through the comments, I noticed a number of people making derogatory comments about "skinny" people, and how they can look "awful" and I was transported back to my teenage years. Particularly when I was 14. Let's just say, it wasn't a very pleasant time for me back then. I was teased constantly for being "skinny", even compared to an anorexic (with one teacher assuming I was). I was very conscious of my body back then, and to some degree, still am. (Although, I'm not nearly the same size I was back then. Nor would I like to be.)

Anyway, I was motivated by the comments I read on that particular post that day to send Mia an email about how I felt as a thin person. I included an excerpt from a piece I wrote in my sons' school newsletter (for the purpose of promoting Parent Forums - one of which was on Body Image) as well as add how I felt about how thin people are talked about today. She asked if she could publish it, and yesterday she did.

I have to say, I have been blown away by all the positive comments on this post, and I can't tell you how wonderful I think it is that a bunch of people who have gone through the same thing are able to share how they feel about this subject. The exact reason I love reading Mamamia. When I was a 14 year old girl, there was absolutely nothing in magazines or any form of media about how to deal with such an issue, and I felt completely alone.

So you may be able to imagine how happy I was that the first comment was made by a girl who has called herself TessGirl. She is 15, and going through this exact same thing now. If only I'd had such a forum to turn to myself on this subject when I was her age. It may have made me feel all the more positive about my situation knowing that many felt the same way I did.

Thin women have feelings too. And whilst people like Mia are trying their hardest to campaign for positive body image, sometimes the people who are considered "skinny" are forgotten in that process. We have hang ups about our weight too. Don't assume a thin person is happy with how they look. Positive body image should be for every woman. Thin or fuller-figured. "Skinny" or "plus-sized".

To read the post and the comments, go to that post on Mamamia HERE. Thank you Mia.

Until next time...take care.


MegsyJ said...

Great post on MM, Jodie. It really sparked some interesting discussion. God, who'd want to be back in high school; it was a nightmare!

Tara@Waffling Along said...

Nice post on MM Jodie. From someone who has to carefully consider the tops I wear to hide my boney chest and was once told by my grandmother that I looked liked I'd been in a concentration camp (??, yes, thanks gran), I totally hear what you're saying. Being slimmer isn't as easy as some people may think.

Thea said...

Isn't it sad that all we want is to feel normal...but there is no normal because everyone is different. It seems to be the scourge of women's psyche, if we're not judging another woman's body, we're judging our own...or both. I wish we lived in a world where body shape was treated just like eye colour for example...no one shape/colour is better than another, they're all beautiful.
Great post on Mamamia, congratulations!! :)

Ami @ Puff Pieces said...

Great posts Jodie. I read MM yesterday & wondered if it was you! I think it's an important area of body image that should be discussed more. Well done for putting the spotlight on it.