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Monday, December 14, 2009

What I Like and Don't Like About Being on Holiday

Well, I'm on holiday. There are things I like, and don't like about being on holiday. Here's my list:

What I like:

1. Being away from the usual mess and mayhem of our home.
2. We inevitably eat out more, and Hubby often cooks. (Especially if it's a bbq.)
3. I get my apartment/house/room cleaned for me.
4. I can read my book, and not worry about what I should be cleaning, ironing, doing what I do at home.
5. No school pick-ups/drop-offs or getting the kids to activities.
6. I can have longer showers/baths because Hubby is there to watch the kids.
7. There are a limited number of dishes/glassware/crockery/cutlery - so not nearly as much to wash up (I can actually see my kitchen bench space on holiday).

What I don't like:

1. Because I'm on holiday, and less likely to feel the need to clean, the holiday home will not be tidied all that often, so inevitably, it starts to feel more chaotic, than relaxing.
2. Because we're eating out more often, I'll probably gorge myself on a variety of fare that I shouldn't, and my waistline will consequently pay the price.
3. I might get my holiday home cleaned, but it might only be weekly, and with 3 boys and a messy Hubby - that's a recipe for disaster.
4. I can read my book, but I'll get interrupted a million times, because one of the boys will want something. I'll always bring extra books, and never get to them.
5. We might not need to be anywhere, but Hubby will ensure we go places. Like, every day. The man can't relax to save himself.
6. The long, relaxing showers would be great, if only the water pressure was adequate. *Sigh*
7. There's never enough dishes. We're forever washing them up so we have a spare plate for the sausages. (Hence, point 7 above is rather pointless.)

Yep. Holidays are great. But they're better in a 5-star resort without kids in tow. At least, I imagine they would be.

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Thea said...

I dream of the days when a holiday was actually restful and relaxing...these days, not so much.
And don't forget the packing, how I hate packing!!

Brenda@mummytime said...

Hehehe...so true!

Somebody once said that when you go on holidays with your kids you are not really going on holidays. You're just moving them from one place to another. Enough said. Hehehe...

Pam said...

Well I was about to add that at least it isn't raining but then I saw your tweet. Charades anyone?

Anonymous said...

if only there was a way to bring a holiday to your house - have a housekeeper every day for a week and go out to eat every meal...might be cheaper?

Maid In Australia said...

All of the above. Plus I really hate unpacking at the end of it.