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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When I Can't Say No

For some reason, I keep getting sucked in to buying hair products. Somebody stop me!

One of my fave bloggers, Kerri Sackville of Life and Other Crises posted a piece on being unable to say "no" to sales people. (Read that fabulous post here.) I can relate. That is: when it comes to hair stylists and their "products".

I'm quite good at refusing people handing out pamphlets on the street. I can also fend off Pixie Photos employees when they approach me for the umpteenth time to schedule a photographic session for me and my (incredibly gorgeous) family. But when it comes to hair stylists? I'm toast.

You know how it goes, right? During the process of coiffing your tresses, the hair stylist starts innocently asking about your hair. What products do you use? How do you usually style it? And suddenly - BAM - they have a solution to help fix whatever problem you're having. Then they whip out the latest product that will undoubtedly improve your head of hair in just a matter of days! Amazing!

And I can't resist.

Like the other day, I mentioned to my new hair stylist (after she casually asked how I style my hair most days) that I usually let my hair dry naturally most of the time, and therefore, end up with wavy, unruly hair. My hairstylist said, "Oh, you know what's great? We have this lotion that you just put on and it makes your curls more defined and smooth." And to prove her point, she called over one of her colleagues to show me her head of perfectly groomed gorgeous blond curls.

And so I bought it.

(Of course, logic should tell me that she is also a hair stylist - therefore, can probably get her curls to do exactly what she wants them to do. Duh.)

It cost me $30. And so far? The same old messy, haphazard curls I had before. But I have to keep using it, because I forked out money for it. It's the principle of it. And when I open the bathroom cabinet, it will mock me, sitting next to the "styling mud", the "hair straightener" (which I rarely use, because I'm too darn lazy to blow-dry my hair), the "leave-in conditioner" and the "deep conditioning masque" that I have also purchased at my local hair salon. All of which are rarely used, and Hubby will complain are taking up space in the bathroom.

I am weak. Weak, I tell you!

But, Kerri Sackville, you will be glad to note: I have not succumbed to buying an Ox. Yet.

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Sharpest Pencil said...

You only need one product when it comes to hair. And that is a hair straightener. Even if you have dead straight hair! It is a miracle worker.

Now just try refuse that!

Kerri Sackville said...

OMG I think I have EXACTLY the same product in my bathroom!
And it doesn't fucking work.

Thea said...

Right, well, here's the funny thing. Little old me who usually nods and smiles and agrees with everyone and can never say no, either...never succumbs to the hard sell...NEVER I tell you.
And here's the sad thing, I'd say that's just proof I'm a tight arse. LOL ;)

april said...

Why does a hair straightener work on everyones hair except mine - mine it will not straighten and i do not have curly hair - but straight hair like in the ads - not on my life...
Oh and hair dressers - yep - greatest sneak sales people in the business - i don't think i'll forget the day when shampooing cost extra for the first time...

Jade said...

My "beauty cupboard" (which is really just a chest of drawers stuffed full of crap) is FULL of hair & beauty products that I've been guilted into buying at the hair salon...

It's never easy enough to say no. Especially when five minutes before you've just been bitching out how bad your hair looks at the moment.

miss carly said...

tehehe. my 'cant say no' is to ferreo rochers. omg. i eat one. and then by the time i have realised what i have done im in seven - twelve {sometimes more} deep.

my fix. only buy the 3 packet.

as for your hair products. maybe dont buy that one. but find an alternative cheaper? win-win if you ask me. {priceline is generally cheaper than salons}.

Tara@Waffling Along said...

I took Le Artiste to get his hair cut. We came home with a $30 pot of 'Mess Up' beause it smelled nice. It now sits unopened in a bathroom drawer whilst he finishes the $30 tub of 'Shape It' which was picked up but not used last time. *Sigh*.

Nomie said...

My trick is to just out & out lie. 'Do you have enough product?' They ask all innocent and big eyed, while wielding a pair of scissors... 'Oh yes thanks' I reply, smiling sweetly then quickly returning to the serious business of reading last months trashy gossip mag.
That, and my lovely mother in law has a shop next to a rather fancy haIr salon, and she sends me care packs of expensive shampoo, conditioner & treatments!