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Friday, January 01, 2010

10 Years Ago...

I noticed on Twitter this morning many listing what they were doing ten years ago...here's my list:

Ten years ago...

1. Hubby and I were living in an apartment and gearing up for our wedding...in 16 days time. We were busy with last minute preparations. That is, practically planning the whole wedding in those 16 days. (We were lazy, and left it last minute. Like REALLY last minute.)

2. I was working with a large corporate bank as a secretary. I'd had enough of my job after 4 years (but I would stay for another two. I couldn't wait to leave it all behind and have babies!)

3. I was getting ready for my parent's first trip from Perth to Sydney. They were in their early 70s at the time, and it would be Dad's first flight on a jumbo jet, and Mum's first EVER on a plane! (I'd been living in Sydney for 4 years by then.)

4. My friend Mardi and I would spend many lunch breaks together (we worked together as well), and go on numerous shopping trips. I used to see her a lot back then. She was getting married just a few weeks after me. Now it's the odd catch up here and there. (We're both so busy. I miss you Mard!)

5. I was looking forward to my 30th birthday in September. Even though I have no problem with turning 40 this year, I can't say I'm as excited about it as I was about turning 30 back then.

6. Even though I can't remember what we did for NYE that year, I'm pretty sure we stayed up late, and I'm pretty sure we slept in on New Year's Day 2000. That is so OVER. Maybe by 2020. *sigh*

Happy 2010!

Until next time...


Thea said...

Oh yes, a sleep-in in 2020 sounds perfect!!
Happy New Year. :)

april said...

Wow - I may have to do one of these myself...
Although not much has changed really...

Nomie said...

I love reading these, and thinking about where I was 10 years ago... I actually spent last night with some of the same people I did that NYE... we both had 8 month old babies that night... now I do get to sleep in! 10 years is a long time, and lots has happened, thanks for sharing Jodie :)

Jade said...

Nice post Jodie!

I keep trying to think about what I was doing 10 years ago....and I just can't remember. So it mustn't have been very good then!