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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Antics of a 3 Year Old

My youngest son...my baby...has recently turned 3. And my, what a funny little fellow he is. My MIL has always said it's the third that provides all the laughs. And that certainly seems the case. But I also think it's my little guy who will be the most responsible for any grey hairs I might find in the future.

I don't know if it's because he is the third child, and perhaps has had a bit more freedom than what his older brothers did, but my 3yr old is a real live wire. You could argue he has taken his cue from the 5yr old and 7yr old - has learnt the "tricks of the trade" from them, so to speak. But I don't think so.

My 3yr old is his own little man. He gets up to WAY more than my first two ever did...combined. He is very decisive about what he wants. He's insistent. He's stubborn. He's focused. And not even his Mummy, standing over him and waving a finger his way means anything. Apart from being slightly amusing (to him). *sigh*

From the moment he could crawl, I knew we were in trouble. His older brothers, once mobile, also explored the house, like all little ones do. But my 3yr old did it with such determination and diligence, that EVERY SINGLE cupboard had to be explored. His favourite was the small cupboard in the kitchen that holds the sauce bottles, vinegar, cooking oils etc. Every day, he would open it up (multiple times), pull out the bbq sauce and tomato sauce bottles and suck on them. Gooey-goo all over their nozzles. I had no option but to warn visitors about using them. All the hot water washing in the world 'aint gonna get out any stray goobers, now is it?

Then there was the freezer. We have an upside down fridge (freezer on the bottom), and as soon as he could pull himself to a standing position, he would open the freezer door, pull himself up and stand there. In the cold. For AGES. I would pull him out, close it. Turn my back. And he'd go back for more.

As he got older, and taller, there were more and more drawers and cupboards he could gain access to. There was the time he helped himself to my Revlon Colorstay lipstick, and wore a ring of pink around his mouth for days. (Yep - the colour really does stay on.) And the other day I caught him applying my mascara - to his lips. Nice.

He has found his way in to the big boys' bedroom on more than one occasion. He discovered their Pokemon stickers once, and stuck them EVERYWHERE. On the desk, the art drawers, the bookshelf, even the wooden floor.

Then there's the portable DVD player in his bedroom. Used (by me) to amuse him in the early hours of the morning after his warm cup of milk, so I can catch a bit of extra sleep. However the other night, he obviously decided he couldn't sleep at his usual bed time of 7.30pm, and just before 10pm, we caught him watching Diego. (Party animal.) To be honest, it's a wonder it still works. I once found no less than four DVDs shoved in to it. Seems he thought he'd multitask and watch a number of shows at once.

And one of the worst things he has done to date is this...

Yep. He got hold of the spare laptop and pulled the keys off it. Fortunately, the laptop itself is not used anymore, but the 3yr old didn't know that.

Then I walked in to our hallway one morning to find this on the woodwork...

He had used a pen to draw scribbly lines all over the white paint. Once again, it's fortunate that repainting is required soon. But not that my 3yr old knew that either.

And look, I have a list a MILE long of all that he gets up to.

But regardless of how difficult he is, how much hard work he is, and regardless of the fact he sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out with frustration and throw a tantrum myself that would no doubt match his own...there's nothing better than when he wakes up each morning, climbs in to bed, caresses my face with both hands and, looking in my eyes and with a smile, says "I love my Mummy" and plants a big, wet kiss on my cheek.

Yep. That, and all the hugs, kisses and cute comments and fun he gives is worth all the hard bits.

Until next time...


Nomie said...

Obviously a child with good taste, as he chose to dismantle a PC not a beloved Mac ;)
He sounds happy, and loved, and full of adventure... lovely!

Brenda@mummytime said...

Hehehe...you are gonna have so much fun when he becomes a teenager.; )

Ami said...

So cute! I love funny kids stories! The latest antics of our 3 yr old niece included her mum asking her to help spread the picnic rug out on the lawn. She stood there hands clasped in front and said 'Um, mum, I'm a little bit busy standing here right now!!!' Needless to say noone could get angry at her because it was just so bloody cute!!

Look forward to more hilarious (and no doubt property damaging) stories from your 3yr old!

MegsyJ said...

Love it!

And nope, it's not because he's a 3rd child - my little girl sounds very similar and she's a 1st. The cupboards and freezer sound like my house; nothing was safe from the minute she could crawl at 5 months. And that makes me very nervous about how she'll be when she's 2, 3... best not repaint the house just yet...

emilydam said...

You know my friend from uni has 4 girls and she says this of her youngest little one J. J is turning 3 in May, and she is a feisty little thing. My friend says to me all the time, she would rather a fun, feisty little creature with personality than a boring kid..!!! He sounds like lots of fun and mischief!

Michelle said...

Your life sounds so exciting!!!
Nothing better than that early morning smoochy cuddle.
3 is a lovely (fun, tiring, exhausting) age.

Thea Smith said...

Awwwww....I just got the warm fuzzies!

Little monkey! ;)

www.tarynrucci.blogspot.com said...

He sounds like a cheeky little sausage! Enjoy the smoochies and just remember he will be a teenager soon and bring even more trouble to the family! Taryn xxx

TheMadHouse said...

So familiar, MiniMad is so like your no 3. He is an independant enqiring soul

Make do mum said...

Oh god, not the laptop, nooooo!
I've got all this to come and frankly, I'm terrified!

The Mum said...

My 2 year old ( number 5) is exactly like that.....I can't leave him for a second or they'll be trouble. ;0)

lz @ My Messy Paradise said...

My youngest is 2 1/2, and they sound cut from the same cloth. I'm always cleaning up crayon mark or watching her do something she knows she shouldn't while staring straight at me. But then she says, "Mama, funny face?" while sticking out her tongue or dancing for me, and I can forget a lot.
I don't know that I forget about her pulling the keys off my laptop. I would probably preemptively hold her allowance!

jessica said...

I am the youngest of three and your son and I are identical in personality. I once apologized to my parents for the 80's, every year.