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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'll Tell You Why I Don't Like Mondays

Monday is about to become the day from hell. The day where I will run from one thing to the next, cutting my timing fine as I go. Wish me luck.

It seems I have over-scheduled myself on Mondays this year. Well, not over-scheduled exactly. More precisely, I've scheduled activities at near impossible times, so I will be guaranteed to stress myself out in order to get to them on time.

Every Monday morning we have school assembly at 9am. I can't miss it. I mean, I could if I really wanted to, but I don't want to. The school awards are handed out every Monday, and it's only natural, until your child receives one, to wonder each week if he will be the lucky recipient for that week. And with two boys at school, I won't feel even the slightest relaxed about missing an assembly until both are covered for a while. You see, it's almost guaranteed, that the one week you can't be there for whatever reason, that will be the week your son will receive his award. Worse - they'll both receive an award, and then you're left with an attack of the guilts at not being there for them to seek you out in the crowd and smile at you proudly, award in hand.

Some assemblies can go for 10-15 minutes, but sometimes they run longer. Which, up until this year was perfectly fine. I had ALL the time in the world. And living a very short walking distance to the school made it even easier. No concerns of getting a ticket after taking a dodgy last minute parking space.

But now I can't afford to stay any longer than 15 minutes, because now I have the 3yr old's swimming lesson at 9.30am. At least a 10 minute drive away. Which means, I have to get my 3yr old back to the house, get him in the car, drive there, park and walk to the lesson, all in a 15 minute time frame. Assuming the assembly runs on time. Put it this way - about the time they're doing the school prayer, I'll be praying for a short assembly!

I always do food shopping on a Monday. I wish I could leave it until Tuesday when I have my "day off" (as Hubby refers to it - because the 3yr old is in daycare. Harumph!), but I can't. With 3 boys and a hungry Hubby raiding the fridge over the weekend, it just can't wait another day. I could go at night, but I can never be bothered. Once the boys are in bed, I'm on full recovery mode.

And so, straight after swimming lessons finish, and once I've finally gotten the 3yr old back in to his clothes (around 10.15am), I'll race straight to the shops, where we will whip around, stopping every minute or so as I answer a question, or wrestle a packet of Wiggles biscuits from the 3yr old's hands, and deal with the tears that follow.

Then it's back home for lunch and the 3yr old's nap. I'll then unpack the shopping, tidy up the breakfast dishes (which undoubtedly will still be on the dining table), do a few things, and then get ready for school pick up at 3.15pm.

This is where it gets tricky again. You see, both my 5yr old and 7yr old do tennis lessons. But because the 7yr old moved up a class, we had to change our usual leisurely lesson at 4pm on a Thursday to a Monday. Except that, the only time they could offer me for both boys was 3.30pm. Sigh. So, as soon as the bell goes at 3.15pm at school, and the kids are finally released from their lines, I will have to battle my way through the school crowd, with a no doubt sleepy, and possibly grumpy, 3yr old, seeking out my two big boys so I can drag them out of there as quick as lightning. We will then practically run back home to the car (and the big boys will complain about their feet being sore - especially the 5yr old, because he's never been keen on the whole walking thing), jump in the car (again) and drive the fastest and safest we possibly can the two or so kilometres to their tennis lesson, with the boys munching down on something I've grabbed from the pantry only moments earlier. And I'm sure to you, 2klms doesn't sound far, but in Sydney during peak school pick up time, it could be a 15 minute ordeal. (If I'm lucky.)

And we'll be lucky if we get a parking spot close by. But even if we do, we then have to change out of our formal uniform (worn every Monday and Friday) in to some appropriate tennis-friendly clothing. Probably in the back of the car, I imagine (I'm still working out the logistics). Slap on some sunscreen, a hat, and off they go.

They'll finish tennis at 4.30pm. We'll get home about 4.45pm, then it's time to start dinner, or homework, or both.

God. I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Until next time...


Jane said...

I think you might have to re-name yourself "Supermum".

This made me tired just reading it. x

Bern said...

Good luck. Logistical nightmare. You're site's not called Mummy Mayhem for nothing! :)

Plauren said...

Oh my gosh!! That sounds hectic!! I don't like Mondays just cos we have swimming at 5.30pm. That's all! Can't the school phone you to let you know if your sons are going to receive anything rather that have you come everytime just in case? That's what used to happen at my school.....it would be helpful!!

Brigitte Bokser said...

Wow, I definitely agree that you should rename yourself 'Supermum'!
I couldn't help but think that this is still what I have to look forward to!...
Hope your Monday goes well ;-)

MegsyJ said...

Good luck!

april said...

Oh wow - I'm having issues just trying to work out shopping and school - its too early in the year for all of that - good luck.

Ami said...

Ugh, you poor thing! I'm exhausted from reading it too! I like Plauren's suggestion, maybe a sneaky phone call to the school to find out if you need to be there or not! Good luck! xx

Thea Smith said...

Oh my Lord!! That is one packed-to-the-rafters day!
Good luck, good luck, good luck!

Michelle said...

Oh boy! busy busy busy
Last year we did Music, Drama, Gymnastics, Swimming and Dance on Monday - which had me driving south, further south, north, further north then home. We sometimes had time to drop in at home but mostly I packed food for the day and the kids had several clothing changes in the car. After about a month and leaving one 5 year old behind at the last activity at 5pm I realised I was doing too much and cut out a few activities. This year we do Gym and dance on a monday - ahh I can breath!
Hope your day was OK :)

Nerdycomputergirl said...

Crikey that's made me feel exhausted just reading it let alone thinking about it - good luck with it all.

Nomie said...

I'm tired thinking about your day! I live for the 1st Monday of the month when I have staff meetings & don;t get home till about 10pm usually, as I miss the race from work, get kids go to cricket training dramas!
I think Monday evenings you need to have glass of wine as your reward!

Taryn said...

Jodie, I think it is advisable that you find yourself and assistant! I know I could do with one some days!! Good luck honey. You really are a busy mum!!