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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Happy Birthday to the 6yr Old

Much has been written about the 3yr old, and a little on the 7yr old, but regular readers may have noticed that not much has been written on my (now - as of today) 6yr old!

You know that old saying don't you? No news is good news. Well, it's a bit like that with my birthday boy. I haven't written much about him, because, well, usually when I'm posting something, I'm kind of complaining or venting or writing about difficult and/or demanding behaviour at times. (Which sounds awful. Like I'm bitching about my kids all the time. But it's such a great release to write things down to help find clarity with a situation. It puts everything in to perspective. A mother may complain, but it's just her way of voicing how she feels, trying to work it out, and looking for support. I'm in that group too. It's natural. It doesn't mean we don't love our kids. It's just part of the process to help us understand this parenting gig.)

But I digress.

The 6yr old has had his not-so-great moments. Oh, my, has he! Plenty of them in fact. But they're few and far between. Pretty much, he's quite cruisy. He's also quite different to his brothers.

Firstly, he looks different. Both the 7yr old and 3yr old have darker hair (auburn and fair to reddish blonde respectively). The 6yr old however, has bright orange hair. Orange is his preferred description for his locks. He LOVES his hair. Absolutely loves it. He worried out loud once as to what happens when he grows up? "Will my hair not be orange anymore?" I am, of course, enjoying this opinion of his hair while it lasts.

His brothers have brown eyes, his are bright blue. And he has the fairest of skin. He's also more gentle in both his nature and demeanor. It's just a personality thing. His brothers are just a bit more boisterous (not a bad thing - just noisy)!

He's very thoughtful of others. When I was hugely pregnant with the 3yr old, my two big boys and I had made a mad dash to swimming lessons for the 7yr old, who was 4 at the time. It was a hot, sticky day, and the lesson was at a hot, sticky swimming centre. I got there only just in time for the lesson. I was exhausted. Both physically and mentally drained. It was one of those bad days.

No sooner had we started to undress for our lesson, the 7yr old (then 4 remember) announced he needed to go "poo-poo". It was the last straw. We had to walk back to the toilets, and then afterwards, rejoin the half hour swim class - 15 minutes in.

I couldn't help it. I started to silently cry. I think I felt a bit of a failure at the time. (Why didn't I get there earlier?) I tried to keep it from the 6yr old, who was 2 at the time. But he noticed. He kept putting his hand on my shoulder and asking, "Are you ok, Mummy?" in his quiet voice. He didn't move from my side. Just kept asking if I was ok, rubbing my back, placing his head on my lap. I can't tell you what a comfort to me he was that day (and many days since).

He has always had a sort of sense of things (not to mention his sense of others). I remember the time he announced, very confidently, that our friends were expecting their first baby. They were coming for dinner that night, and had yet to arrive. We hadn't heard any such news. But sure enough, about half an hour after they arrived, they announced it. We were quite flabbergasted! And that's just one example of many.

He's a little in his own world at times. When he started Kindy last year, his teacher commented that he would talk to himself and sing to himself in class. Even though she thought it cute, it was distracting others (all the class thought it quite amusing). I started to wonder if he was ready for "big school" (he turned 5 not long after he started Kindy). Then one of the admin gals at the school mentioned his singing. And she said, "You know why it's so lovely? It means he's happy." And I think that's true.

He is a pretty happy little guy. He responds incredibly well to encouragement. He loves attention. (Don't all kids?) His teacher last year encouraged him so much, by the end of the year, he was doing brilliantly at school. And singing only at playtime or during music lessons!

He could talk a hind leg off a horse (as my Dad would say). He loves when people come to visit and stay with us. He'll give them toys from his room for "company" when they stay in the spare room. He giggles. He's very big on rules (unless he chooses to break them). He likes Chess (especially on the computer). He loves his brothers and he wants more siblings (um, sorry...can't help you there, buddy). He idolises his big brother. He's into whatever the 7yr old is in to. He loves the Nintendo Wii and his DS. We call him "the little engineer", because he can work anything mechanical or technical out pretty quickly. (I once found a bunch of photos on my Mac computer that he'd added effects to. All of him. Hilarious!)

There is so much more I could write - about him and his brothers - about what I love about them all.

But most of all, I love the 6yr old because of the beautiful person he has become. And I made him. Well, Hubby and I. Amazing.

Happy Birthday Big 6yr Old. xxxxx

Until next time...


Emlykd said...

Wow! What a beautiful post! And so well put! He sounds like a lovely little guy!! Xxx

AngelaPj said...

Happy Birthday Mr6.
What a lovely sounding young man.
I hope you get spoiled rotten today and enjoy much cake!

MegsyJ said...

He sounds like such a little sweetie xo

Jane said...

What a sweet post! xx

Thea Smith said...

This is such a lovely post! I can almost see him, what a special little guy. I hope you all have a wonderful day for his birthday. x

Ami said...

Oh what a beautiful post Jodie! He sounds like such a sweet little kid!
Happy Birthday Mr6! Hope he has a wonderful day. xx

Bern said...

He sounds devine. I love his "worrying out loud" moment. My middle one two has a gentle and beautiful heart. He gets picked on a bit at school and even though my husband (without thinking) tells him to hit them back, I know Sam never would and I love him for it. Very lovely post for him to read one day :)

LizK_is said...

Happy birthday to Mr 6 :) He sounds a lot like my Mr 5... is it a 5/6 yr old boy thing? Or just happenstance that they're similar :)

Athena said...

Happy Birthday to Mr6!
What a lovely post, which celebrates the wonderful qualities of your boy. I have a Mr7 who sounds alot like him too, and I marvel at him and his beautiful nature every day.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Mr 6 - what a sweety!

Brenda said...

Awww. What a sweet perfect post Mummy Jodie. Happy 6th to your boy and a Happy Birthing Day to you.XO

andrei said...

@Michelle (noreply@blogger.com) Happy birthday!

Nomie said...

Awww, what a beautiful post, what a beautiful boy... happy birthday to him :)

P.S. I have a soft spot for boys with red/orange/ginger/strawberry blonde type hair... having my own ginger boy :)

Nova said...

He sounds a lovely thoughtful little boy. I hope he has a great birthday!

april said...

Oh that is just lovely - am with Nomie - beautiful post and beautiful boy - Happy Birthday and many many more :)

Kylie L said...

Gorgeous post! I haven't read your blog before, but after that I feel as if I know him.

ju said...

Lovely letter to your son. Imagining him reading in 20 years time...
(By the way I just started following you on Twitter @chachatwist)

AJ said...

Happy Birthday Mr 6!

Lovely post, Jodie.