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Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Back

I'm back blogging and tweeting. To be honest, I quite enjoyed my little break, but I did miss ya'll.

We had Hubby's brother and his wife come to stay for a few days. Since we moved to Sydney from Perth in December 1995, we've have many, many visitors. The first year was the busiest. I think we had one 6 week period where we were not without a visitor for a single day. One would leave and another would arrive. Everyone was interested to visit our new home, and I guess it was a good excuse to see Sydney too.

It's not easy having visitors. There's forward preparation, we lose our study for the most part for their stay (that's the spare room) and there's always more dishes in the sink. We also stop doing what we normally do. Ironing (yeah, like I need an excuse to stop that), washing, paperwork, tv viewing, blogging, tweeting...you get the drift. Life stops for a little while, and after our visitors are gone, we spend the next week trying to catch up on all that stuff.

But it's worth it.

Apart from the time an old friend of Hubby's from school stayed, and spent his days eating our food and leaving the dishes stacked in the sink, I love having visitors. (Although, short stays are best. I have friends who have family stay for 6 weeks at a time - like you, Mardi! - and I'm not sure how I'd cope with THAT!) It's nice to sit on the couch after dinner and have a good chat. It's also always helpful to me, because the kids are amused. They LOVE having people over. It's always bittersweet really, because whilst they have a great time vying for the attention of someone else other than Hubby or I for a change, it makes us realise how much they miss out on not having family around. Their Aunt and Uncle have just left, and already they keep asking when they're coming back. :(

I like that I can just dash down to the shop to pick up some supplies without 3 kids in tow, because our visitors are always happy to watch them and spend some time with them. It's all good.

And then they leave, and it's quiet again. Some of that's good, and some of that isn't. It's a Catch 22.

But in any case, I'm glad to be back. And now I have more time to blog and tweet again, which is always a good thing. Right?



Brenda said...

Oh yeah, totally!

Good to have you back Jodie.

Aussie-waffler said...

And she's baaaaack...phew :) x

Thea Smith said...

Ahhh, that's right! I forgot you had visitors coming. So that's what you were up to. It is lovely to catch up with family. I wish we were closer to ours!

Bern said...

Welcome back :) Nice to have time out though :)

LizK_is said...

Welcome back :) Glad you enjoyed your visitors and glad you're filling the twitter timeline again.

We rarely have visitors, no-one wants to come to where we are we have to go to them.

MegsyJ said...

Good to have you back! Glad you had a great time with your visitors though.

Michelle said...

Welcome back! I wish we had room for people to stay - we used to have a lot of visiters stay with us and I did enjoy it.
How long until the next group arrive ??

jessica said...

you cannot beat that free babysitting. I love visitors but that is definitely a huge plus

Nomie said...

Welcome back! It was quiet round here without you :)
We're in the same boat, living in another state from family and old friends. We often have visitors, and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with them in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house! But really, all in all I love having them, and seeing how the children interact with grandparents... I also love having friends to stay as it means we can drink & laugh well into the night without anyone having to drive home.
I also love having a bit of a break from the everyday with other people on board to help us out with cooking, cleaning...as well as having a chance to go out with Hubby WITHOUT THE CHILDREN!
But really, I'm just happy you're back tweeting & blogging again!