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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Off and Running

Can you believe it? I'm too busy to blog.

Life has come at me full force. I have so much to do right now, and barely enough time to write it down.

We have family coming to stay (they arrive TODAY), and the spare room is a complete shambles. Mostly with that ironing pile I keep talking about, which continues to sit there, mocking me. But today - I'm tackling it. As well as trying to clean up around here, which will include a lot of chasing my own tail, so to speak, because the 3yr old will probably make more mess in one room as I'm cleaning another. Clean rooms and tidy book shelves are like a moth to a flame for my kids. I can't tell you how many times I've tidied the 7yr old and 6yr old's desk, only to find them sitting at it 10 minutes later, with every piece of paper they own covering it.

So, apart from this brekky break I'm having right now (Cornflakes - yum) which I'm using as my excuse to blog, I wanted to write this to tell you I might be missing for a few days.

Will you miss me?

But I'll be back, because I have a lot to say.

So, enjoy yourselves until then. I hope to fit in a little blog reading if I can, but please don't be upset with me if you don't see me commenting and chatting on Twitter for the next little while.

But rest assured I haven't gone forever!



Jane said...

I'll miss you!

Sarah P said...

enjoy your family time. xxx

Brenda said...

Have fun living the real life. Hehehe. Come back soon, Jodie baby.XO

Thea Smith said...

Of course I'll miss you but that good old 'real world' just can't be ignored!
One day maybe I'll be busy like you and won't be able to post THREE times on the same day!

See you soon xx

MegsyJ said...

We miss you already!

Katrina Germein said...

Well, that explains it. Wondered why you weren't tweeting! Enjoy your twitter-blog break. x