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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rule Breaker or Rule Follower?

Some people break the rules all the time. Some always follow them. What are you? A 'rule breaker' or a 'rule follower'?

I am, for the most part, the latter. For example:
  1. I wouldn't pick up a grape from the fruit and veg section of my local supermarket and eat it. Nor would I let my children do so ("That's stealing," they would probably say - my influence).
  2. Unless there was no one around, and I was certain I wouldn't inconvenience anyone, I would never intentionally drive the wrong way down a lane in the local Westfield carpark. In fact, I've been known to take the extra long route, in the opposite direction to the exit, just because I wouldn't drive down against the arrows. And if I saw anyone driving in the wrong direction, I would shake my head and "tsk, tsk" them. (Sad, but true.)
  3. I wouldn't park illegally or in front of someone's driveway, even if I was in a real hurry to get somewhere. I just couldn't do it!
  4. I wouldn't drive through a red light, even if it was 2am in the morning and there wasn't another single car in sight.
  5. I wouldn't keep any extra change someone accidentally gave me. I would always give it back.
  6. Even if people invited me to join them in a cue, and I know I would save myself a lot of time waiting, I would more than likely decline and just move to the end of the line!
  7. I couldn't lie about my details on any sort of application form. I couldn't live with myself, and I'd be equally concerned I'd be found out.
Having said all that, I did start receiving once, just out of the blue one Sunday, a copy of both Sunday papers. The first couple of weeks, I assumed the delivery address was incorrect, and it would be corrected by someone else without me having to do anything. Then after a few more weeks, each Sunday I would vow to call "someone" (I didn't know who) to let them know I was getting newspapers I hadn't actually ordered or paid for. But each week I'd get to the following Sunday morning and realise I'd forgotten to do so. Then eventually, after a few more weeks, I decided I quite liked getting the Sunday papers, and surely it wasn't my problem they were being delivered to me? (And let me tell you, the first Sunday I walked out to find there were no more papers, I was so disappointed!)

But for the most part, I'm a rule follower. I'm not comfortable breaking the rules.

How about you? Do you break a few rules? Which of the above would you break?



Very Bored in Catalunya said...

I am on the whole quite honest and not a rule breaker, I always give back the money if I've been given too much change, that person could potentially lose their job if their till is down. Wouldn't jump a red light for fear of being caught on camera, however I do always eat a grape - I have to find out whether or not they are seedless. Gosh I am such a rebel!

MegsyJ said...

Yes, I'm a rule follower as well. *Too* bloody sensible sometimes!

I also tell others off when they break the rules. Yesterday a woman queue-jumped me, so I informed her of how rude she was.

An outspoken rule follower - the worst kind!

Louise said...

Ahh Jodie....
Over the years I have decided there are some people in life who truly believe that rules apply to everyone but themselves..or their kids. You see there are special....while the rest of us are not.

Thea Smith said...

Yeah, I'm a rule follower, too! But I'm opposite to Megan, I don't speak up when others break the rules, I just grumble under my breath.

Mama Mary said...

I think I might be 50/50 or 70/30, follower/breaker. And in fact I am working on a blog post on this same subject for tomorrow. :-) That same thing happened with me with the Sunday paper and I totally did not say a thing. Was bummed too, when it stopped coming. :-)

miss carly said...

i think im 40/60 follower/breaker. there are some things i do and break the rules.. {i shall not say because some of them are doozies}. but i do follow them too. if that makes any sense at all.

april said...

yeah I'm a 70/30 - will bend or break out of necessity and it has to be actual NEED not want...

Bern said...

Dear Jodie, I have a confession. I let my son eat the grapes as we go around the supermarket. I know this is both dishonest and wrong, yet Woolies will feck me over most weeks by charging me incorrectly for something. But other than that, yeah I would say I follow the rules. I talk on the phone sometimes when driving (my brother is a policeman and gets the TOTAL shits with me for this) and gave me a bluetooth for xmas. Which I've never used. Shit, I am a rule breaker. But like you, I would never park somewhere I'm not meant to, even of late, with casts on arms and not wanting to get them wet, I don't. I tell people off for smoking in the car with their kids in their or for flicking butts out the car window (even though my husband reckons it will get me into trouble one day) and too try my best to answer everything honestly. I reckon that makes me 50/50

AngelaPj said...

I generally follow the rules maybe 80/20.
I do let the kids eat a few grapes around the supermarket but only 5 or 6.
Sometimes I park in front of the no parking sign outside school but there is no reason for the sign to be so far back from the corner. You can safely fit 2 cars past it without obstructing any views. It's just in the wrong place! I still feel like a bit of a rebel though.
I always tell the cashier if they give me the wrong change.
I have to phone one of my clients today as they have waaay overpaid me on one of my invoices and I have to give it back. They might never notice but I'm afraid that karma will get me in the end.

Michelle said...

oh yes ... rule follower... have been called goody 2 shoes... but what's right is right...

Brenda said...

I'd say 70% follower and 30%breaker. And I confess I let my kids *ahem* sample the grapes at the shops. *hangs head in shame*.

Nomie said...

I'm, for the most part a rule breaker. Grapes, beans, peas, yes they get sampled. Red lights? Well, how red is red? I will not park over someones driveway, or break parking rules, or cue jump... unless it's a wibbly undefined cue at airport security, or to get on a plane, train, tram... then it's OK. Lying is not rule breaking, it's just wrong. But as for many other things, yep, I break the rules. Hell, I've been known to do the opposite just because I hate being told what to do... even by inanimate arrows on the ground, or at Ikea... just can't help myself!

LizK_is said...

Mostly a rule follower. We don't sample anything at the supermarket and I even go pay for a lollipop if my son wants one as we shop, I can't wait until we're finished and pay then. (I did notice they're put a bin for apricot stones in one supermarket here so they've given up on the pretence that people don't sample but I still won't) I don't lie as a rule except if it's to save someone unnecessary hurt, I do use my phone in the car on occasion but mostly use the bluetooth. Only place I'll queue jump is the supermarket when they open another 15 items or less lane. I'll keep the extra change if it's a place that has ripped me off but if they've always been honest with me I'm honest with them.