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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carly's Meme

Carly over at Everyone Wants This posted this meme last week, and I loved it. I am "borrowing" it.
What? She said I could!
i am
feeling: Lucky. Life is good.
wanting: More time to get everything done!
loving: My family. They are whom I live for.
wishing: For a house with more space.
missing: My parents, my sister, my niece, nephew & great nephew in Perth
thinking: About my speech I'm doing this weekend, and hoping it goes well (fingers crossed). (More details about that later.)
listening to: Whatever's on the radio. My iPod hasn't worked in months, unfortunately!
watching: The Tudors (Season III), Desperate Housewives (Season 5), Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Cougar Town. All quality tv. Ahem.
stressing over: Organising my boys this weekend when Hubby is away and I have to be at mass three times to give my speech!

i love
clothes: Anything from Esprit. It's practically my one-stop shop.
shoes: Actually, I'm not in to shoes much. My Crocs are the most comfy. (Boring, I know!)
underwear: Bonds knickers, and an Esprit bra I bought recently. (The most comfortable EVER!)
makeup: A mix. Revlon lipsticks & mascara. Clinique face powder. MAC eye shadows.
song: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap (Sounds kinda 80s. I love it!)
movie: When Harry Met Sally (One of my all time faves!)
band: Can't think of one. (SO out of touch!)
actor/actress: Henry Cavill (natch), although Andy Garcia and Matt Damon are noice / Meg Ryan (I still love watching her after all these years!)
book: The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Antonia Fraser (Loved it. Read my review here.)
handbag: My floral (fake) Gucci bag. Bought it on a street in Rome in 2005. It's a great size just for me, and I get so many comments on it. If only they all knew...
brand: Esprit. (Again!)
habit: Twirling my hair. (Read about that here.)

i dislike (changed this from 'i hate' because I don't feel strongly enough to hate much!)
clothes: Strapless dresses/tops. (I, ah, don't have the "goods" to keep them up. ;) )
shoes: Running shoes. They feel hot, and cumbersome. Give me sandals in summer any day!
underwear: Strapless bras. (just like Carly! Uncomfortable!)
makeup: Too much foundation. Feels awful. Looks just as bad!
song: Anything from Dire Straits. (Oh come on - it all sounds the same!)
movie: I think it was called The Frighteners? Some strange ghost story thing. Starred Michael J Fox. It was the first, and last, movie that I wanted to walk out on, it was so bad.
band: Dire Straits. Can't stand their music.
actor/actress: Not sure on this one.
book: Confessions of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon, Cap Lesesne MD. Probably not the worst book I've ever read, but I didn't like the way it made me feel about my body! (Read my review here.)
handbag: Anything with a lot of bling on it. Think: big, chunky locks and sparkly bits!
brand: Gap (for kids). I'm sure many would disagree with me, but the few pieces Hubby has brought
back from his travels in the US just haven't gone the distance.
habit: Procrastinating.

And as Carly said, feel free to borrow!


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miss carly said...

hehe. i feel very strongly about some of the things i posted about on mine lol.

great list!


and definitely! i totally said you could borrow!