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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Driven To Distraction

I’m easily distracted these days. Or maybe it’s that I’m forgetful? I don’t know. A mix of the two perhaps… Whatever it is, it means I often feel like I’m losing it!

Take this morning for example. I had an appointment at 9am. So I hurriedly got the 6yr old and 7yr old out the door and down to school, raced back inside the house and got the 3yr old ready to jump in the car. To my credit, I already had my laptop ready to take with me, together with a bag of the essentials (nappy change stuff, purse, sunscreen, diary etc), and a bag of Hubby’s shirts to drop off to the drycleaners later, so it was just a matter of getting the preschooler out the door and in to the car.

Out the door we went, just as I reminded myself that the 3yr old's sneakers were in the car. (Check!) And that's when I discovered Hubby had parked his car behind mine. Again. (DISTRACTED!) So, it was back inside to collect his keys, leave mine behind, jump in his car, and head off.

I got to my appointment a little late, which was fine, but it meant that in order to get to my preschooler’s sports-based lesson at 9.30am, I had to race there as fast as I could. When I arrived, I discovered something missing. His sneakers.

In my race to get out the door earlier to my appointment, I had the 3yr old put his Crocs on (because it’s quicker than putting on sneakers), with the plan to change in to his sneakers on our arrival at sports. Which worked well because his sneakers were in the car anyway. That is, my car. Which, of course, was back home in the driveway.

I decided I had to leave the 3yr old with his sports teachers so I could do the dash home to collect his sneakers. (After all, they were doing soccer today – you can’t kick a soccer ball with Crocs!) It was at that moment, standing with him on the tennis court, that I realised I hadn’t taken his water bottle out of the car to give to him. (DISTRACTED!)

With a promise to return with his sneakers and his water bottle, I left the 3yr old to make the quick dash home for the sneakers. It was a 12 minute round trip. Not bad. The 3yr old was now able to kick his soccer ball. As I helped him with his sneakers, I realised that, once again, I’d left the water bottle behind. This time, fortunately, in the café just metres away, and so I was able to retrieve it quickly, and the 3yr old was all set. Finally.

And this is one of many examples. One of the worst examples of distraction happened a few months ago.

I was running the bath for the kids, and I closed the door so I could head back to the kitchen to finish dinner off for Hubby and I. It was then that Hubby arrived home from work. (DISTRACTED!) Chatted to Hubby, finished off the dinner, poured a glass of wine, sat down to eat. Sipped wine. Ate dinner. Thought, ‘I really should run the bath now.’ Went to the bathroom, opened the door to find…water OVERFLOWING!

I had completely forgotten all together that I had started the bath. The water was dead cold. I reasoned I could boil a few kettles and throw those in, but after 6 full kettles, the water was barely lukewarm, so the kids had a very quick bath that night, rightfully complaining throughout about the lack of any warmth in the water.

Tell me…is it age? Is it because I have too many balls in the air I’m trying to juggle? Whatever it is, it makes me feel like a right ditz at times!

And I’m not sure it’s going to get any better any time soon. Sigh.



MegsyJ said...

Nope, it's not age, it's being a Mum. I got the same as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I swear, pregnancy brain / baby brain / mothering brain is all because we just have so much to think about all the time!

Anj said...

Yep, it's the mothering...I'm always leaving something behind. Luckily, so far none of the items I've left behind have included my children (but I don't like my chances). ;)

Thea Smith said...

I say it's mother's brain and it's my excuse for everything!
This will make you feel better...
Last week I went downstairs to unlock the garage and open the car ready to race in with kids for school drop off on a rainy morning. I came back upstairs to collect the kids, the school bag, school hat, my bag, closed the door...what did I forget? Yep, the keys, locked them inside the house and we were outside. I couldn't call my husband because my phone was plugged in and recharging in the kitchen. Sometime I leave a window open...not this day. I had to knock on the neighbour's door at 8:30am and ask to use her phone to call my husband and ask him to come home. Luckily she has 2 small boys and was totally understanding.

Feel any better? :)

Brenda said...

Mummy Brain! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Hehe.

And hey, you coming to the meetup? It's on the 20th from 4pm onwards at Madame FlingFlong's in Newtown. Head on over to my blog to RSVP.=)

miss carly said...

your not alone. i do that. so i dont really think its a mummy brain {i dont have children}. i call it stress! i am forever running around doing a million and one things all at once and then i will forget something and it will throw everything else into chaos.

doesnt happen all the time. i always try and be organised to the T. {*whispers* i will be giving away a diary/organiser the 15th on early childhood resources so make sure you head over then to enter!}


jessica said...

It is totally normal. It better be b/c if ot were are both screwed (up).

Sarah P said...

If I could focus on ONE thing for one ever loving minute it would be so much easier! I have so much to remember these days. I need a pensieve like Dumbledore had. ps thoughts on Marie Antoinette? Worth reading?

Michelle said...

You just have a lot on your mind. You gotta laugh (I think)
This reminds me of a post I wrote back in December about one Saturday I had.