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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fabulous, Fit and Forty?

Yep. This year I turn the big 4-0. I’m excited. Maybe not as excited as I was when I turned 30, but still, any birthday of mine excites me. There are just a couple of things I need to do first…

My birthday is in September. That’s six months away. Six months. I’m looking forward to it. I really am. I’ve always enjoyed my birthday, and when it’s a “milestone” one like this one is, I start counting down early. (Just ask my friend, Teresa. I drove her nuts in 1988 when I spent most of that year counting down to my 18th birthday!)

And I want to celebrate. I want a party. Something fun, yet relaxed but definitely fabulous. I’m still deciding what it is exactly that I want to do. Initially, even though I joked about wanting some fancy, big thing at some posh venue, to be honest I just really wanted a big backyard bash. However, Hubby thinks it’s best not to be left with all the tidying up afterwards, and thinking about it now, I think he’s right. Whilst I loved, loved having our wedding reception at a friend’s house, rather than a venue, the downside was all the cleaning up afterwards (which admittedly, I didn’t actually have to do, but Hubby did a bit, as did his family), and of course there’s the preparation beforehand. With 3 boys underfoot, I can imagine that getting ready for a big bash at home would be nothing short of a logistical nightmare!

In any case, my birthday is a celebration, and as I wrote here I’m not getting any younger, so why not enjoy my age and embrace it?

But there’s something else I want for my 40th. I want to look and feel fabulous. I want to be fit, and I want to wear something that I don’t have to suck my tummy in too much to get in to! (And not being someone who’s really in to clothes as such, I’d like to make an effort to find a well-fitted, incredibly gorgeous outfit for the occasion.)

I wrote here last year about my desire to get back in to exercising. I had discovered my shorts from the previous year didn’t fit any more, and I was determined to get back in to them. You see, I’ve always been lucky to be naturally slim (even though I didn’t view it that way in my youth – read about that here). But as I get closer to my 40s, I’m definitely finding a shift in my metabolism. I can’t just eat whatever I want anymore. It shows. In fact, I wore my jeans for the first time since last year the other day, and they felt a little tight. I reasoned they were newly washed, and would stretch before too long. Um, no…they didn’t. And the shorts? They still don’t fit me. In fact, I haven’t even bothered to try to get in to them this year, because I just know it would be pointless. I didn’t stick to my plan.

I don’t want to someday look back at the photos of me at my 40th birthday party and see an unfit, tired looking mum. I want to see a fabulous, fit and 40 year-old woman in the prime of her life! As shallow as it sounds, I want my boys to look back at those photos someday too when they’re older, and say, “Wow, Mum. You looked great!”

And so, once again, I’m promising myself (and you!) that I’m going to get back on that treadmill. I’m also going to aim to break the horrible habit I’ve gotten in to of struggling to get in to bed before midnight each night (true!). And by the time my party comes, fingers crossed, I’ll be feeling great, looking great and ready to face the next forty years!



Ami said...

Good luck!! I'm sure you'll look very fab for your b'day!! I, on the other hand will look like a whale in September at about 8 months pregnant!!
Look forward to hearing about the progress! xx

MegsyJ said...

Sounds like a great plan! Good luck xo

Thea Smith said...

I remember when you posted about getting into shape, I was going to join you. Errmmm, yeah, oops.
Good luck!!! I just know you absolutely will be fit and look fabulous for your 40th, and I want lots and lots of pictures to prove it!

There, that's gotta be good motivation! ;)

MegsyJ said...

By the way, you already are fabulous. And lovely!

Aussie-waffler said...

Go you, there is absoutely nothing wrong with wanting to look fit and fab for your 40th. They do say that 40 is the new 30, don't they ? Or am I just making that up because I turn 40 next year ? Hope we see a few pics. x

Seraphim75 said...

Great goal! Have you thought about maybe having a specific aim to train for like a fun run? That's what I do. I need goals in order to get fit. Friends of ours last year celebrated their 40th by running the New York Marathon. Just a thought! x

Kim H said...

I can soooo understand what you're saying here. I've just turned 39 and mayn oh man I need to get my act into gear before the big 40. I don't want to be fat and forty. I have 12 months to get it together. wish me luck...BTW How did your birthday celebrations go/ I must try to find a post on it...:)