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Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot or Not? Justin Bartha

It's Friday. Know what that means, don't you? It's time for Hot or Not?

Well, it seems "funny" is also known as "hot", with Hamish Blake coming up trumps in the voting in last week's Hot or Not?

Out of all the comments, there was only one for "not". All the rest were a definite for the "hot" vote. Seems Hamish will have no trouble at all finding himself a long line of admirers to choose from when he decides he wants to give the dating thing another go!

This week's inspiration for Hot or Not? comes from the following tweet I noticed the other day from Bern Morley (@Bern_Morley) of So Now What?

Now I'll admit it, I had no idea who Justin Bartha was. Hello Wikipedia! Apparently, he's had roles in such films as the National Treasure series (I think there's 3), in Failure To Launch and The Hangover.

He's also "attached" - he's been dating Ashely Olsen since 2008 (sorry, Bern!).

After looking at a few photos on the Internet, admittedly, in some he looks rather Meh!, but in others...like the one below...noice! He might be one of those actors that you have to see in "action" on the big screen. Brad Pitt was a bit like that for me. Never thought him anything much until I saw him in Mr & Mrs Smith and the Oceans films.

Anyway, I found this trailer for The Rebound:

Well, whaddya think? Is Justin Bartha Hot, or not? You decide.


* This weekly post in inspired by Insomniac Mummy. Check out her Hot or Not? each week.


Anj said...

I rate him Cute, or Sweet. But, no, not Hot.

Bernadette Morley said...

You know my views on this man. He definitely needs to be seen "in action". Now, to just get my Catherine Zeta Jones on.

Thea Smith said...

Hmmmm, took me 'til the end of the trailer to decide...was thinking...

He looks a bit 'everyday'...
But if I saw him in real life I bet I'd think he's hot...
Ahhh yes, it's the smile!

I'm voting hot (again) this week. ;)

AngelaPj said...

From what I've seen, I would agree. Cute but not hot.
To answer yes or no, I would need to see a shirt off pic : )

Liz K (LizK_is on twitter) said...

Maybe I'm getting old but I think in 10 year he will be Smokin' ! Right now, he's on his way to "hot". The 3 day growth is the still is better, defines him and gives his face more character.

Anj said...

I've seen him in lots of films, actually. He's cast as "cute, but goofy" in most films (like National Treasure I & II, Failure to Launch, etc). He's just a little small for me, personally, but obviously really attractive.

Sarah said...

Hmmm ... nah. Looks a bit wan and unwell if you ask me.

miss carly said...

i love him in national treasure. funny. i think more cute than hot though..

Riana said...

Yes, definitely a cutie for me. Not so racing, fire hot where I will want to throw some undergarment at him ,which of course as a respectable mother of 2, is something I will never do. ;-)

carolinesweetie said...

Not. Something just isn't there.