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Monday, March 08, 2010

Is History Repeating Itself?

I had a conversation with Hubby yesterday that reminded me of a conversation I have heard my own parents have many a time over the last almost 40 years...

Hubby had just finished making me a cup of tea, and the conversation following my first sip went a little something like this:

ME: Did you put sugar in my tea?

HUBBY: Yeah.

ME: You sure? Doesn't taste very sweet to me.

HUBBY: I did put sugar in.

ME: (Takes another sip.) Well, did you stir it?

HUBBY: I think so.

ME: Well, if you stirred it, you couldn't have put enough sugar in. Did you put the normal amount in?

HUBBY: (Shrugs, with a cheeky smile.)

ME: What does that mean? Did you, or not? (Looks around.) Where's a teaspoon? I don't think you stirred it.

HUBBY: (Pointing to entree fork used for eating rockmelon moments earlier.) Use that.

ME: Eww. My tea will taste like rockmelon. (Shaking my head) Tsk, tsk. You didn't stir my tea, did you? (Uses fork because too lazy to get up and source teaspoon.)

It was at this point I realised that I sound just like my mother. And Hubby and I sounded just like my parents.

What does this all mean?

Well...the folks have been married 61 years. I guess that's something. Sigh.

Oh, and even after stirring my tea, it still didn't taste right.



Thea Smith said...

Hehe, how sweet...or not sweet...oh, whatever! ;)

Ami said...

Oh that's so cute!! My Husband pretends he's put sugar in my tea when I know he hasn't because he doesn't think I need it!

Love your comment too Thea!!