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Friday, March 19, 2010

My 14.14 Minutes of Fame

If you had said to me, when I started this blogging caper last September, that within 6 months I'd be on the radio talking about it, I'd have laughed out loud!

And yet, the other day on Twitter, the lovely Carol Duncan of ABC Newcastle, tweeted me after reading my post on Taker Mums, and asked if I'd join her on her show the following day as her guest blogger. Wow - what an honour! I jumped at the opportunity. I just thought it would be a lot of fun, and a great experience.

And it was.

Look, I don't think Hamish & Andy will be calling any time soon to offer me a job as their sidekick, but in any case, for better or worse - and for those who missed it (including you, Mum!) - here's my first (and probably my last) stint on radio...

Click HERE to listen.

Enjoy! (Me - I'll be cringing. I haven't listened to it yet!)

Thanks Carol for having me on your show, putting me at ease, and for saying so many nice things about my blog! x

You can read Carol's blog here, and listen to ABC Newcastle online here.



Life and the memoirs said...

Hi Jodie! Just enjoyed listening to your interview :) Well done to you!

Thea Smith said...

I was so excited to hear you on the radio! I love that Carol is bringing some of my favourite tweeps & bloggers 'to life'. You were great!! :)