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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tooth Fairy FAIL

I'm finding it difficult to keep the Tooth Fairy legend alive...

When it's Christmastime, I'm all over it. The kids write letters to Santa, and I make sure there's (some) requests on there that will be met. On Christmas Eve we put out the milk and biscuits for Santa, and carrots on the front lawn for the reindeer; and the next morning the boys will discover just a drop of milk left in the glass, crumbs on the plate, and most of the carrot eaten. And any wrapped gifts from Santa will have different handwriting. It's all about the details.

The Tooth Fairy however...well, I'm struggling.

When the 8 year old lost his first tooth, we took to the tradition of leaving a $2 coin under the pillow. About three teeth in, however, he came to me in tears one morning crying, "MUUUUUM! The Tooth Fairy didn't cooooommme!"


I made an excuse about it being a very busy night in our area (backed up by the fact that his close friend, who lives nearby, had also lost his tooth the day before), and then I said we would look for the money. I quickly grabbed a $2 coin, and as I walked in to the 8yr old's bedroom, I encouraged him to search under his pillow one more time, and threw the coin down on his floor rug.

"Oh my goodness!" I exclaimed, pointing to the coin. "Is that it?!"

The 8yr old spun around and spotted the coin, and was over the moon. "Oh, she must have dropped it on the floor!" he reasoned. Indeed, she did.

"Yes," I replied. "Obviously, she was soooo busy, that she was rushing and accidentally dropped it. You see, that's why Mummy always says to take your time when you're doing things."

Crises averted.

Yesterday, the 6yr old lost his first tooth. It started off on the wrong foot. He was eating breakfast at the time when he exclaimed, "Oh MUM! There's a gap in my mouth!" He opened his mouth, feeling away where his wobbly tooth had been moments earlier, and sure enough, there was the gap.

"YAY!" I exclaimed. "That's great, honey!" And then, "Oh...but where is your tooth?"

He thought about it a second or two, then he lowered his head, and trying to hold back the tears, he said softly, "I think I swallowed it."

He had. The tooth was nowhere to be found. We cleaned him up and within 5 minutes he was laughing again with his brothers, assured by the fact that the tooth fairy would still come - we'd just write a note.

And so I wrote the following:

We folded it up, and placed it under his pillow.

Last night, I reminded myself a number of times to put the gold coin under the 6yr old's pillow. Morning arrived and the 6yr old came in. "Mum," he said quietly, "The tooth fairy didn't come."


Fortunately, he was rather calm about the whole thing. I was half asleep, and struggled to think quickly. "Let's go check again," I said. "I'll just be a minute." As the 6yr old left the room, I frantically searched the room for a $2 coin. I found many, many $1 coins, but that would not do. The 8yr old always received $2 coins. How would the 6yr old feel getting his tooth money at a reduced rate? And two $1 coins? Nup. That would make too much noise in my hand as I entered the room.

Finally, I found a $2 coin and walked in to the 6yr old's room with a plan. Unfortunately, the 8yr old was way ahead of me. He was checking the inside of the pillow slip. Bummer. That was my plan. I was going to reach in to the pillow slip, coin in hand, and remove it, exclaiming, "Oh look! Here it is! The tooth fairy accidentally slipped it in to the pillow case!"

I had no other option, and I was afraid the whole throwing-the-coin-on-the-floor-rug trick might be suspicious the second time around. I distracted both boys, slipped it in the pillow case and said to the 6yr old, "Let's give the pillow slip a good shake!" I took out the pillow, shook the pillow slip and whaddya you know? Out came the coin. Phew.

The 6yr old bought it. I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not, but I get the impression the 8yr old wasn't convinced. Fortunately, no one asked me why the note was still folded under the pillow. I had planned to say something like, "I'm sure the tooth fairy would think it a nice memento of your first lost tooth," or the like. Ahem.

I don't know why, but I just struggle with the whole Tooth Fairy legend. It's awkward, isn't it? Some parents give 20 cents, some give five bucks! How do I justify that to my kids? When it comes to Christmas presents, I can always reason with the boys that Santa assesses what they have, and don't have, and will take it from there. But why does the Tooth Fairy vary his/her amounts from house to house?

In any case, I need to brush up on my Tooth Fairy skills. Otherwise, imagine how bad they'll be by the time the 3yr old starts losing his teeth?!



Aussie-waffler said...

Yep, been there. That darn tooth fairy is soooooo unreliable. Sheesh.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Seems the more people I talk to, the more I'm coming to realise this!

MegsyJ said...

Ah, the fun times ahead of me! So far, we just have to get through the growing of those damn teeth... More sleepless nights ahead in a few years with sneaking money in hey?!

And I LOVE the new blog layout!

jessica said...

I have not laughed this hard in a while. the image of you tossing htat coin on the rug and then telling him, 'there it is" is priceless

Michelle said...

Oh gosh - ours have had to wait up to two weeks for that busy little fairy!!!
They don't seem too bothered - the fairy that comes here never leaves much money... the kids know that others need more money than they need - we are blessed already!!

Thea Smith said...

We haven't had to call for the tooth fairy yet, either. But it won't be long. You little actress you! Too funny!! :)

Brenda said...

Yes, that tooth fairy needs to be demoted. Totally unrealiable. Heheh.

Make do mum said...

Oh dear, that fairy sounds rushed off her feet - gets there in the end though!

I had 3 teeth removed under general anaesthetic when I was little and was heartbroken when I came round to find the dentist hadn't kept them for me to give to the tooth fairy!

Heather said...

My oldest is the only one to lose teeth so far and we have forgotten once or twice (on the 8 teeth she has lost). She's come in my room at night to say the tooth fairy wasn't there yet. I could barely stay awake to remember. She too swallowed the first ones. Recently, she had 6 teeth pulled to make room in her mouth for the adult teeth. She got a few extra dollars for that. So far, she is none the wiser and I'm not sure if she talks to her friends about it. I love that you are sly about finding the money though. I wonder how the tooth fairy story ever started.

Kellyansapansa said...

Hey there - I'm your newest follower. I found you over at Thea's.

I hear you on the Tooth Fairy thing. We have an even bigger problem, because when our kids lose a tooth at their Mum's house, the Tooth Fairy has been known to leave different amounts for each tooth. Grrr - try explaining that to an 8 year old!