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Monday, March 22, 2010

What Was Your Stand Out Moment on the Weekend?

Last night, I was thinking about the weekend, and I was wondering what my stand out moment was - kind of like a little review in my head of the past two days - when it suddenly hit me... Why not make this a regular post every Monday and ask all of you which moment stood out for you?!

So, it will take some reader participation. I'm counting on you. All you need to do is leave a comment letting me know what moment stood out for you over the weekend. It can be any sort of moment - fun, happy, sad, disappointing...whatever. Just tell me about it.

Here's mine...

I had lots of great moments this weekend. It was an exhausting one. We had a garage sale on Saturday. It was really hot, and looking at all our stuff laid out in our carport and on our front lawn brought mixed emotions for me (but I'll write about that later). I loved watching the boys lazing on our couch (for sale), positioned under a shady tree, then later filling bottles with water and throwing the water at each other until they were soaking wet. We laughed a lot.

My 6yo had his (very) belated birthday party yesterday, and it was great watching everyone have so much fun.

But my stand out moment was a simple, quiet, slow walk to the local shop with my 3 year old yesterday afternoon. He pushed his toy trolley along, ready to store our few items needed for dinner, and as we walked we chatted. We talked about playing putt-putt that morning and about all we had to buy at the shops and where we were going this week. Then at one point, he reached out his hand and grabbed mine, with the other pushing his trolley. Not to cross a road or anything, just because he wanted to, and I felt so lucky to be a mum. It was a moment where we had no rushed deadline to meet. No pressing timeframe to follow. It was relaxed and easy.

Life's little moments, huh?

So tell me - what was your stand out moment this past weekend? Would love to read yours!



MegsyJ said...

Great idea for a post, Jodie! Your standout moment is beautiful. I love those moments.

My weekend was lots of fun - caught up with some friends for champagne on Fri night (OK it was meant to be coffee and cake, but I ordered a bottle of bubbles to share instead!), visited friends and their 1 day-old baby on Sat, then had some friends over for dinner Sat night, and caught up with another friend yesterday. A very social one!

But my standout - sitting chatting to a gorgeous friend on Sat night, venting a few of my stresses and she said to me: 'You are a wonderful mum'. Just a short, simple moment, but it's my best memory from the last few days. It made me tear up then, and it does again now. It just meant so much to have someone say that.

AngelaPj said...

What a great idea!
We all went out for brekky on sunday and then the kids played in a playground outside Sizzler. Hub and I sat on a bench watching them have a ball. Hub works 6 days a week so he never gets to go to the park with us. The kids kept looking over to make sure he was watching and grinning and waving at us. Daddy got up to help Miss 4 try and swing across the monkey bar. It was heart warming : )

Ami said...

Oh your moment with the 3 yr old made me all teary!

My stand out moment from the weekend, well there was 2 really. Sunday morning we were going out for breakfast and I grabbed a dress just to 'throw' on and it didn't fit! And neither did any of my shorts! It would appear at 11 weeks I've already popped out!

Then I went to a baby shower in the arvo and my friend came up and rubbed my belly and someone commented that I'd start getting sick of people rubbing my belly as it grows! Maybe a stranger, but it was cute when my friend did it!

Great idea for a post Jodie! Looking forward to next Monday already! xx

Thea Smith said...

And another great idea, Jodie!!

We went to my family's farm where I grew up for the weekend so lots happened. The usual wonderful things, my kids playing with my brother's kids and sister's kids, there are 8 of them within 10 years and they just love each other to bits. I got to chat with my parents, my sister, my sister-in-law, my aunty...I love chatting with my family and I don't get to do it often enough.
But my stand out was taking my kids for a walk down the track (farm talk for driveway but it's 700m of gravel). I grew up a farm kids but they're very much town kids and getting to walk with them where I walked on my way to school every day was so very precious.

teddybear21 said...

awww your stand out was so sweet!!! my stand out moment was making easter bonnets with my boys - it was so nice and relaxed just us and they we so excited and really into making something creative!!! great blog - i loved the idea!!!

Jane said...

Your stand out moment is super cute!

I had a very relaxing but very social weekend. Went out for cocktails and pizza with the girls on Saturday night which was a LOT of fun! My stand out moment happened on Sunday morning when the boy and I made the trek across the harbour bridge for breakfast at Bondi. We did the Bondi to Bronte walk and the views just took my breath away. Such a nice way to clear the cocktail-induced fuzziness from the night before!

TheRealSydney said...

I spent the whole weekend with my dad at his place in Cronulla, so the whole weekend was great ... my standout moment though, lying on the beach with my book and my dad !!

Heather said...

Watching my Dad get married to a wonderful woman. It will be weird to adjust to the idea of having a step-mom at the age of 36, but she is great. I love this idea of best of the weekend posts.