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Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Whole Lotta Blog Love

I've received an award. A lot of blog love my way!

The very lovely Megan over at Writing Out Loud has very generously awarded me the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Here are the rules:

1. thank the person who nominated me for this award
2. copy the award and place it on my blog
3. link to the person who nominated me for this award
4. share 7 interesting things about myself
5. nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers

Since I started reading blogs last year, Megan's blog has been one of my best finds! Her writing is fantastic, and I can just imagine that one day I'll be picking up a book of hers at the local Dymocks. No, scrap that. She will send me a copy that I've purchased and will personally sign it for me! Thank you, Megan. I'm so glad we 'met'!

And now, here are 7 things about me...
  1. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a mum. At my very first job interview, I was asked what my long term goals were. I suppose, you're meant to come up with some long term plan for you career. I replied, "You know...I really want to be a mum someday. Not right now. But in the not too distant future." I got the job.
  2. Growing up I wanted to be either a secretary or a hairdresser. My sisters held each of these jobs (well, my sister Cheryl was actually a bookkeeper, but I thought she was a secretary growing up), so it's no wonder! I ended up doing Secretarial work, essentially. It's a great job really, because it doesn't carry a lot of responsibility. Doesn't keep you up at night worrying about work the next day, and you can move around with it. And if you get a job at a really good company, you can make pretty ok money!
  3. I loved tennis when I was a kid. The side wall of our house was big and blank. I used to hit the tennis ball against it for hours. I'd wear my tennis whites, and I'd have a running commentary going on in my head, like you would hear during a big tennis match. "Here comes Jodie. She's only 14, and already has two Wimbledon titles. This girl is going places. Chris Evert Lloyd will need everything she has to beat this young champion here today."
  4. I had my very first kiss out the front of my primary school. I was about 12. The boy was Eddie Aretz, and there were many kids standing around egging us on. It was a quick peck on the lips. We never kissed again.
  5. I was an Aunt before I was born! I have two sisters: Cheryl (21 years older) and Valda (17 years older). (I was a "surprise".) My sister Cheryl had her first son 5 months before I was born. In fact, Mum and Cheryl were pregnant at the same time. (Very Father of the Bride 2.) She had a daughter 13 months after I was born. It was fun going out with my niece and nephew when we were 18. People could never "get" how I was their Aunty!
  6. I was 38 before I realised how much I liked writing. Last year, I took on the role of Editor for the school newsletter's P&F pages. I decided to write it in a very "chatty" way, instead of just giving information. The words just spilled out. It was like a door in my brain opened, and I was amazed at how often I would "write" in my head (still do). It was only then, when I looked back on my life, that I realised how much writing had been an interest for me when I was growing up. I wrote stories from a young age, tried my hand at poetry, and even started writing a novel when I was 14! (Ah, it wasn't very good. Found it recently actually. Incredibly cringe worthy!) And now I blog. I'm not the best writer in the world, but I don't care - I love it!
  7. I have a secret desire to be a singer. Only problem is: I can't sing that well. :( But, it's nice to imagine yourself in a music video. My latest fantasy is me singing Kelly Clarkson's song "Already Gone" and Henry Cavill is in my music video. I leave him. He is sad. Sigh. A girl can dream, can't she?
And now, here are 7 others I would LOVE to nominate for the same award. I should point out that some of my fave bloggers have already been nominated by others, so will come up with 7 of those I don't think have the award yet, that I love just as much!!!
  1. Ami over at Puff Pieces - Ami's blog was one of the first I ever followed, and Ami was probably my first follower and the first to list my blog on her own blog! Phew. She's just lovely and, like me, she likes pink! Check out her blog!
  2. Jessica over at Bernthis - One word: FUNNY! Actually, I could also describe her as honest, caring and thoughtful. Her posts make me laugh and laugh and laugh. And check out her video clips. I can just see her on Saturday Night Live!
  3. Brenda over at MummyTime - At last count, she had 671 official Google Friend followers on her blog. And there's a good reason for that. Her blog is AWESOME!
  4. Bern over at So Now What? - Honest. Personal. FUNNY! Moving. I relate. A LOT. She also has a hilarious son, Sam, who says the funniest stuff! Check out her blog Samisms. Sam will have you giggling!
  5. Jayne over at The Best of All Possible Worlds - AMAZING. An accomplished writer - you'll LOVE her posts. So heartfelt and honest.
  6. Tara over at Waffling Along - She has a sense of humour that appeals to me, and her writing is brilliant. She's also very creative and talented. Be sure to check out her "My Creative Space" posts! Sigh. If only I could draw/paint/create like that!
  7. Carly over at Everyone Wants This - Last, but certainly not least...Carly is a gorgeous girl who blogs from the heart. She's 22 and so together. She juggles blogging with studying - such a clever gal - and even has a blog for parents and teachers called Early Childhood Resources. Check it out!


Ami said...

Aaaw thanks luv!! Love your list! It could almost be mine! And congrats on the award from Megan. Definitely well deserved! xxx

Thea Smith said...

Ditto Ami, that list...wanting to be a mum, tennis, secretly wanting to be a singer...but I was 40 when I realized I wanted to write!!

Congratulations beautiful blogger! xx

Brenda said...

Awwww shucks! Thanks lovely! Someone gavee this award just recently. But hey, I'm still taking it. Heehee.

And I feel the same way too, I may not be the brilliant-est writer nor blogger. But I don't care because I love blogging and I love how it gave me the chance to "meet" all these awesome people (including you). Loves yah!

Brenda said...

*gave* stoopid iPhone. Heheh.

miss carly said...

naw thanks!

ive always wanted to be a mum too. but not just yet. want to hold off on that for a little while.


MegsyJ said...

Oh, Jodie, that is so sweet, you're the best xo

My lovely singing, tennis-playing, hairdressing, secretarial, mothering, writing, blogging friend!