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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Looking For That GLOW...

No. Not the glow that pregnancy brings (um, no thank you. Happy with my lot), but I do want my skin to glow, and I need your help.

I noticed on Fat Mum Slim yesterday that Chantelle was asking everyone their advice on mascara, and I thought, 'How handy are these little ole blogs?' 

For the last couple of years or so now, I've gotten lazy with my skin care routine. Partly because I'm just so busy and I don't have a lot of time to invest in myself, but partly because I'm, well, lazy! So over the years, I've gone from cleansing, toning and moisturising twice daily, to doing that at night and just using warm water on my face in the morning; to now just washing my face with Dove soap at night, moisturising, then doing the warm water on a flannel thing in the morning. 

And I've chopped and changed my moisturisers too. In the old days, I used Nutrimetics (and to be honest, when I very first started using that, around the age of about 19, my skin finally started to really clear up after years of pimples and oily skin). In recent years, I've used Oil of Olay as my moisturiser, and right now, I'm trying out a Clinique moisturiser I received as a freebie (but it's not really doing much for me). Whilst I'm not overly fussed about using a toner (I've heard more than once they're quite unnecessary) I've also lost my way with cleansers - hence the Dove soap routine. 

Here's where I need your help...

What's your skin routine? What works for you? What would you recommend? I can tell you I have the classic old mix of oily and dry skin - with my 'T' section being oily (especially my forehead). 

HELP!!!! All the products out there just confuse me. (Which admittedly, isn't hard to do. *cough*) And, of course, as mentioned before - I'm lazy. So I'm lettin' my fingers do the walking. ;)

Besides...I need to make sure I'm looking fabulous for my 40th birthday later this year!

All suggestions would be appreciated.

See? Blogs are HANDY!



NikkiP said...

I've embraced organic skincare - my faves are Sodashi and Twenty8.

april said...

I use this stuff - http://www.bellaboobabe.com/ - i know it says 'teen' but it works brilliantly for me, is not tested on animals and is all natural without costing the earth...

Nomie said...

Well, I have the same classic combination skin as you - add a side of sensitive and ta daaa that's my skin!
I use 2 products - I use oil of olay 30+ moisturiser day & night and a St Ives basic apricot scrub. That's it. Also I only use Body Shop cosmetics... I'm not allergic to them, so bonus!

Lucy said...

Jodie, I once invested in the book "Don't go to the cosmetics counter without me". Worth its (hefty) weight in gold. Spend $30 on that book, and then save SQUILLIONS on product.

I went through it with a fine toothcomb (in preparation for my wedding, about 5 years ago).

Based on that, my advice would be this:

1. Drink tons of water. At least 2 litres. Every. Single. Day. (Sorry, that is such boring advice, but it works to give you the glow you are after)
2. Dove soap to cleanse
3. Oil of Ulay to moisterize

Gentle exfoliation once a week
A total make up free day once a week. preferably working a sweat up.

Dove products and Oil of Ulay products come out the best. Truly.


Anj (@anjwrites) said...

I always prefer cheap & cheerful! Right now for day I use Jergen's Natural Glow Healthy Complexion w/ SPF 20 which acts as a slow self-tanner (use light-med skin tone) and gives face a great base for just blush, lip gloss & mascara. A close friend recently became an Avon lady, so I order online and found an amazing product: Avon Anew Clinical - advanced wrinkle corrector. So far, it has seriously made my deeply ingrained forehead wrinkles all but disappear. I'm a convert!

Good luck!!

Ro said...

The best skin care advice was a book for under $10 titled 'Face Value' by Gregory Landsman, filled with loads of natural, easy-to-find skin care items.

Jane said...

Ooh I love reading the comments on these posts! So useful.

I'm lucky that I've never had problems with my skin. Mum is of Asian background and has beautiful skin for a 50 year old, so I'm hoping it's genetic! My skin care routine:

1. Daily cleansing - at the moment I'm using a Loreal exfoliating gel which is surprisingly fine to use every day. Not abrasive at all, and smells yum.
2. Moisturise- I found this beeeeautiful Nivea Visage moisturiser in a white tube that makes my skin feel as smooth as a baby's bum. And only about $6!!
3. Drink lots of water - I don't do this for my skin, I'm just always thirsty, but maybe it helps, I dunno? I chug through a good few litres a day.

When I can't be arsed to cleanse properly, Nivea facial wipes do the trick. Quick and easy to get rid of make up before bed.

agatha said...

i have the exact same skin type as what you have described jodie, and have tried maybe 988764 products to give myself the glow you speak of.
luckily, as a poor uni student, i have got amazing results with neutrogena deep clean facial wash and their combination skin oil free mosituriser :)

lulu said...

Demalogica..it's awesome...go & see Katie at the Beaty shop in Nthbridge..she's great..buy it all at strawberrynet.com.au though - much cheaper