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Thursday, April 22, 2010

SATC 2 - I Am SO There

Sex and the City 2 is coming soon. Are you going? Oh, I am!!!

When SATC started on the telly, I didn't watch it. To be honest, I was appalled. Women talking about sex? No subject taboo? How vulgar! It was too much for the inner prude in me to fathom watching even a second of it.

Then surprisingly, the MIL came for a visit, and admitted that she had watched it in the past. "Oh, it's a good old laugh!" she announced. I was both amazed and impressed in equal measure. ;)

So I gave it a go. And you know what? I found it to be soooo much more than a tv show about sex.

It's about friendship. And fashion. And relationships. And NEW YORK!

So, just like I did when the first SATC movie came out, I'll be making a date with my friend, Jen. It'll be a girl's night out, and no doubt, we'll make the most of it (as we did last time) with dinner beforehand and a bag of Maltesers to enjoy during the film. And hopefully, this time, I won't be interrupted during the opening scenes with a phone call from Hubby, asking if I know where the spak filler is, and if not, could I please have a think about where it might be and give him a call back? Oh, suuuuuure, dear. You can count on it! (True story, I'm afraid.)

I checked the Hoyts website last night (go to Coming Soon), and tickets are NOW ON SALE, with advanced screenings here in Australia on Wed 2 June, followed by regular session times commencing on Thu 3 June.

Check out the latest extended preview of the film HERE. (Listen out for the use of Australia's own Ricki-Lee Coulter's song Can't Touch It in the clip!)  


How about you? Will you go? Who with? 

I know. I'm nosy. 



Liz K (LizK_is on twitter) said...

I have no idea who I'll go with but I'll find someone. Maybe I'll see if I can get a group of women together for a girls night :) (Just have to find my brave face first)

Thea Smith said...

Oh, so it IS good??
I was still thinking like you used to think.
Does that make sense?? lol

miss carly said...

i watched the first movie and fell in love. when it first aired i had no interest whatsoever.

i watched the first movie then HAD to watch the series. and i loved the series.

i cannot wait. i doubt the boyfriend will go with me. so i will probably have to wait til its on dvd..

Anonymous said...

Watched all 6 seasons and never tire of them. Loved the movie. Can't wait to see the sequel. I'll be going with my sister. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait it looks so good. I watched all 6 seasons and the movie. I'm going with my sister. Yay!

- Mena

SeraphimSP said...

I'm going. A group of mums at school are organising for us to go to Gold Class and see it. Can't wait!

Taryn said...

Yes I can't wait for this one too. I haven't seen all the tv episodes like a lot of girls, but I did enjoy the series and the last movie.

I might ask my yummy mummies to come with me! xxxx

Nomie said...

I have seen every episode - I own them all on DVD, I can recall just about every episode... I have converted friends & family...
You are so right, it is about friendship, then love, the clothes are amazing... I will be going with fiends. We'll most likely make a night of it with dinner too. I can not wait. :)