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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

School Holidays...OVER. Routine...BACK.

The 6yr old and the 8yr old have been on school holidays for the past two weeks (as have many other Aussie kids). They are now back to school, which means, I’m back to my routine.

Two weeks goes by pretty quickly, doesn’t it? I can say that - even though I had all three boys at home. ;) For the most part, I actually really enjoy the school holidays. Yes of course - there are times I want to pull my hair out. (For sure!) But mostly, it’s a chance to relax and spend time with them.

Having said that, the last two weeks with the kids couldn’t have been more chalk and cheese. The first week, as seems to be the tradition around here, was very relaxing. In fact, so relaxed were we, there were at least two days that the pyjamas didn’t come off and get tucked under the pillow until almost lunchtime. Mine included. I happily refer to that first week as “Pyjama Week”.

The second week, on the other hand…well, let’s just call that “Incident Week”. It seems we couldn’t stop certain “incidents” happening to keep us on our toes. There was the “son-slipped-and-fell-on-the-bathroom-floor-and-hit-his-head” incident. The “son-hit-his-head-on-the-car-when-getting-out-of-it” incident. The “son-was-choking-on-a-lolly-at-the-ice-skating-rink” incident. (Yeah, that one was a real doozy). The “temporarily-lose-two-out-of-three-sons-at-IKEA” incident. (But really, who doesn’t get lost at some point in that place?) The “found-the-dog-sleeping-on-the-formal-lounge-TWICE” incident. (Not happy.) The “toddler-discovered-he-had-a-poo-WITH-HIS-HAND” incident. (Disgusting.) The “forgot-soccer-training” incident. (Whoops). The “forgot-another-soccer-training” incident. (Whoops…again!) The “forgot-to-take-the-oranges-to-soccer-on-Saturday-that-were-diligently-purchased-that-morning-and-prepared-by-the-wife-whilst-the-husband-was-out-cycling” incident. (‘Nuff said.) The “backed-the-car-into-a-parked-car-even-though-we-have-a-reverse-camera-and-sensors” incident. (Ah, yeah…you don’t really have to know who did that one, do you?)

Anyway, even though the second week wasn’t exactly, ah, “incident free” – or relaxing - there were some great moments there too (believe it or not). I’m just glad we didn’t go camping, as originally planned. Imagine how long the “Incident Week” list would have been then?

But I digress a little. 

What I most definitely miss about the kids being at school (besides my sanity on occasion) is the routine.

Without routine, I’m toast. I can’t get motivated to get up and do anything (hence, “Pyjama Week”). I need to constantly live by the big hand and the little hand on the clock. Otherwise, I can’t function.

I remember saying to my sister once, “Can you imagine how much I’ll be able to get done when all three boys are at school one day?”

She said, “You’d be surprised. When you only have a certain amount of time to get things done, you move quickly and get to it. When you have more time, you think, ‘I have plenty of time,’ and you don’t get nearly as much done.”

A wise woman, my sister.

And so, even though the school terms are filled with after school activities and deadlines and I forever feel like I’m running from one thing to the next, I kinda like it. Keeping busy is ok. As my parish priest would say, “Life is full.” Indeed, it is.

Now I’ve just got to find more time to do the ironing. Sigh.

How about you? How do you motivate yourself to get things done? Are you a procrastinator like me? Any tips are much appreciated!



Jane said...

I'm the most pedantic planner I've ever met! I plan each week down to the hour in terms of my work, uni work, exercise, beautician appointments.....even coffee with friends and trips to Coles! Some call it anal retentive, I prefer ORGANISED.

I totally agree with your sister though! On my empty, less busy days, I spend way too much time on the couch and less time at my desk. Planning and writing lists does help though! x

Lucy said...

Jodie, I am relieved just to have one back at school so that the "hum drum" routine kicks back in. I like to be all up and dressed and showered and ready and out the door by 8.30, home by 9am to get stuff done. (Like avoiding the ironing in order to blog, hahaha!)

MegsyJ said...

Yay for routine!

And your sister's words are similar to something my Nanna used to say: 'If you want something done, ask a busy woman'. So true. When I was a 'busy' person (full-time career, part-time studies), I achieved SO much every day. Now, I'm home but the house is a mess and I do so much less. Because I know I can drag my heels through the day, just thinking, 'Ah well, I'll do it tomorrow'...

Kylie L said...

So true! I am a huge fan of routine. Recently we moved interstate and b/c of differing school holidays between Vic & WA I have had my kids with me for three and a half weeks, plus the chaos of a move. On Tuesday though they start school here- and now I can REALLY enjoy the move! Love them dearly but also love routine and a chance to do my own work- it's funny how much more settled I am feeling in our new home after just two days back at my desk and laptop. Great blog! :)