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Monday, April 26, 2010

What Was Your Stand Out Moment on the Weekend?

This weekend I did something I haven't done in almost 7 years. I attended a wedding.

Let me start with the flowers, because they were amazing. Probably the most impressive floral arrangements I've ever seen at such an occasion. They used hot pinks (like the picture I've used for this post) mixed with darker pinks and bright greens which included perfectly formed baby-sized green apples and green grapes. 

And there were a ton of them. 

Even though I didn't check for myself, I have it on good authority that the bride's bouquet alone weighed about as much as a brick - so filled with flowers was it.

The ceremony was lovely. The Reverend was humorous and insightful. The bridge and groom (both of whom I don't know well at all - Hubby used to work with the groom and has kept in contact with him) were full of smiles and joy. At one point, the string quartet played The Minstrel Boy, which Hubby and I had played at ours. They also had a couple of other pieces played that we had at our wedding 10 years ago, as well as similar readings. Memories! 

I looked around the church at one point, doing a little people watching and noticed that:

a) All the ladies were plastered with big smiles - taking pictures at every opportunity; and
b) The guys stared straight ahead, hands clenched together, as if saying, 'Man...I can't wait to have a beer.' 

Cliched, I know. But it certainly seemed that way. 

The reception was held at a beautiful harbour front restaurant in the eastern suburbs. It had been transformed - with all the floral arrangements on the table as extravagant and impressive as the ones had been in the church. In the entry of the restaurant was a shelf, on which sat an array of photo frames filled with wedding photos. They were photos of the bride and groom's parents and grandparents on their special day. What a gorgeous touch to the day.

On each table was a sign, on which a name was given to the table. "Grosvenor Place" was the name of ours. It is where the couple first met at work over a photocopying machine. (Fact.) All the other tables were named after places that held some significance to the bride and groom over the 7 years they had been together. On the back of each was an explanation as well as a couple of fun questions to read out at the table. 

On the back of every woman's chair was a pair of black slippers, tied with hot pink ribbon, like mine here:

And near every place card for every male at the reception, a small gift-wrapped box that contained a pair of cuff links. Here is Hubby's pair:

The finger food served over drinks was delicious. The 3 course meal magnificent; followed by a cheese platter and hand-made chocolates. There was champagne, red and white wine - all of which (I hear - I didn't drink too much!) complimented each course beautifully. 

The speeches were fabulous. Not too short. Not too long. They were spaced out over the three courses, which is a lot easier to cope with than sitting and listening in one hit. Thankfully - there were only the necessary few. (I've been to some weddings where there are so many speeches - they take up about 2 hours! That precious dance floor time. ;) )

The only disappointment for me was the music played when it was time to hit the dance floor. All the music was a little too old and cliched for my liking. The Pointer Sisters (Jump), Lionel Ritchie (All Night Long), Frank Sinatra (New York, New York). All that was missing was Nutbush City Limits, The Locomotion and The Chicken Dance. 

But in their defense - the couple had asked everyone for a song request with their RSVPs, so perhaps the music wasn't their choice after all! The DJ did play Michael Buble's "Sway" though, and there was a short snippet of Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies" played when the DJ asked all the, well, single ladies to come up and try catching the bouquet. (There was no garter and no wedding cake. Just like our wedding.)

But the highlight for me was the groom's speech. He said some beautiful things, even tearing up and barely able to finish his speech at the end when speaking of how fortunate he was to have met his wife. But the best bit for me was when he told the story of meeting his new wife in the photocopying room at their work. Apparently there was a paper jam, and usually he'd sneak out to avoid trying to get it out. But then his future wife walked in and that was that. He did everything in his power to get that paper out. 

And then, as he finished the story, he reached in to his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper that had gotten stuck that day. (I'm not sure if it was the actual piece of paper - but nevertheless - it was an impressive moment!)

He finished the story with, "Rapunzel had her hair. Romeo and Juliet had their balcony. But [my wife] and I have the Ricoh 1000."

Indeed. And each other.

How about you? Got a moment you'd like to share from the weekend? A wedding story perhaps?



Aussie-waffler said...

Aww, that sounds like a gorgeous wedding. I love a good wedding, so romantic, just makes me swoon with delight. Sadly there was not much excitement around Casa Del Waffler this weekend, rest, relaxation and an enjoyable afternoon spent celebrating a friends birthday. Not a bad way to spend a long weekend I suppose :)

Thea Smith said...

Oh that story is so beautiful!!! I have goosebumps, but I am a major wedding fan.

You had me at 'wedding'. :)

My moment was visiting my mother-in-law. She had just returned from China & walking the wall. She had a table full of Chinese trinkets for us to chose from. And her photos were just gorgeous. I want to go the China now!!

Zoey @ Good Goog said...

That's so lovely! I'm a sucker for grand romantic gestures. My husband is not really the romantic type. Go figure. But this week, he spelled out a special message on the inside of the shower using our daughters foam alphabet letters. That was pretty awesome.

MegsyJ said...

Sounds like a lovely wedding, so many gorgeous finishing touches!

Me? I met another two fellow bloggers/tweeps today! (OK, so I know it's Monday, but it's a long weekend so it counts as a weekend moment, right?). Will have to tell you all about it - they were SO lovely!

Nomie said...

I too am a huge wedding fan. Sounded like a lovely wedding.
Me? I had a big weekend! Got up very early to take Master11 to the Dawn Service on Anzac Dat. Mum & Dad, who had flown in from Tassie, met us there. It was a very moving service. We then had a lovely breakfast together surrounded by other families & some WWII Veterans.
In the afternoon Dad, Master11, Miss9 & I went to the Anzac Day traditional football clash - the MCG was sold out - AMAZING atmosphere...
THEN on Monday I met up with two very lovely bloggers/tweeps... and after promising family I'd only be an hour, dragged myself away just over 2 hours later!
So, not one but a few highlights for me :)

Liz K (LizK_is on twitter) said...

Your post put me in mind of the only wedding I've ever cried at Jodie. I wrote a blog about it :)