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Monday, April 05, 2010

What Was Your Standout Moment on the Weekend?

Week Three. Thought I'd still give it a go to see if anyone wants to join in!

Each week, I ask what your "Standout Moment" was on the weekend. It can be a great moment, a not so great moment...whatever. Just leave a comment and let me know!

For me, my standout moment happened on Easter Sunday. Hubby, the dog, the 8yr old, the 3yr old and I were standing on the front porch waiting for the 6yr old to join us so we could start the Easter egg hunt. Suddenly, the 3yr old spied an egg wrapped in bright, pink foil across the front yard in the side garden bed. "There's one!" he exclaimed with the utmost excitement. (This is the first year he really gets the whole Easter thing.)

"Wait, honey," I said to him. He took one step forward. "Waaait," I cautioned. "We need to wait for your brother." He waited for all of about 5 seconds, but couldn't stand there a second longer. In spite of our protests, he dashed across the front yard to the garden bed and snatched up the Easter egg, jumping up and down in excitement. "I got it! I got it!" he said over and over. 

To his credit, he returned to the porch before looking any further! I just thought it so funny that he couldn't control his excitement. Funny, and cute. 

So that was mine. How about you? Got a moment you'd like to share?



MegsyJ said...

How gorgeous! My standout moment was also an easter egg hunt - we held one in my parents-in-law's backyard, where they have various gnomes and statues scattered around between the plants. My 18 month old daughter soon lost interest in the foil-covered packages and instead chose to kiss the gnomes. It was SO cute!

Thea Smith said...

This is so cute...and Megan's little one kissing gnomes!!

My stand out moment this weekend was going for afternoon tea at friends'. They have a boy and girl, both 7months older than our boy and girl so they're perfect ages for playing together. They live on 5 acres out of town and have a huge yard of beautiful green grass. The kids had a wonderful time playing and running and squealing. I felt like my mum as we left saying a million times, 'We're going...come on...OK, bye, see you later...TIME.TO.GO'...but it was worth it. :)

Ami said...

Oh so cute! I didn't really have a stand out moment. My weekend was spent trying not to throw up. Lovely I know! It seems the morning sickness has picked up again especially at night. So I spent most of the days sleeping while Hubby entertained my Mum, my brother and my brother's girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Too cute :)