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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot or Not? Jake Gyllenhaal

Time for a bit of fun with Hot or Not?...

Last week Russell Crowe's attitude seemed to get in the way of his Hot-ness vote. However, there were still a few who set that aside (and, in fact, thought it kind of appealing) and voted in favour of the Oscar-winner.

This week's choice for Hot or Not kept flashing up on my tv screen this week in the trailer for the new film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

It seems Jake Gyllenhaal has been hitting the gym as of late for this role, as well as growing his hair, and I think he is looking mighty fine! The Brokeback Mountain star, 29, stars in the film which is based on a video game. (Worked for Angelina Jolie!)

Here's the trailer for the film (Jake takes on an English accent for this one):

I'm not usually a fan of long hair on men, but I think it looks pretty good on Jake. 

But it's not my call. 'Tis up to you dear readers. Is Jake Gyllenhaal hot, or not?


*This weekly post was inspired by Insomniac Mummy's weekly Hot or Not. 

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