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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If The Shoe Fits (Or Doesn't)

What is it about kids and shoes? Or, is it just my children who have a problem with their footwear?

I was at the 3yr old’s sports lesson this morning, and there was a mother there arguing with her 4yr old son about his shoes. He didn’t like them. He didn’t want to wear them. “Ok!” she exclaimed in exasperation. “If you won’t wear your shoes, we have to leave. We’re going home. Now. Come on!” and she waltzed him towards the exit. Immediately, I understood what was going on. “Oh, bye, bye. Sorry you can’t stay,” I said to the little boy, waving sadly at him as I did so. It was then he turned around and bolted back through the door, screaming, “Nooooo! I don’t want to go home!” Battle fought. Battle won.

This time.

I understand the shoe thing. Shoes have always been an issue in our house on some level. Apart from the fact that it’s difficult at times to get the kids to even put them on or put them away or locate them, we also have other shoe related problems.

With the 8yr old, it always was (and still is, to some degree) the fit. If they’re even the slightest bit snug, he complains. In his first year of Kindy, every morning we would have an argument about his shoes (and his socks for that matter). “They’re too TIGHT!” he’d exclaim, throwing himself down on the floor dramatically. We’d have to undo them, redo them up over and over until it was... Just. Right.

He wears his sneakers so loosely, that it was no surprise to me, when running the school’s cross country race recently that he, well, lost one shoe en route. To his credit, he finished the race. However, I wouldn’t be surprised that in the moment his shoe fell off, he heard my or Hubby’s voice in his head saying, “See! I told you to tighten up your darn shoes!” and figured he should probably keep running.

The 6yr old would happily live in his red Crocs (one size too small) forevermore if you let him. “You need the larger size,” I pointed out months ago. “No. They’re TOO BIG. I want THESE ONES.” Even if it’s cold, he still wants to wear the one-size-too-small Crocs. “Put your sneakers on,” I say. “Your feet will freeze.” “No they WON’T,” he argues, and stomps off to locate his beloved Crocs.

And trying to get him to wear some nice (expensive, I might add) sandals in summer is like pulling teeth. “NO! I WANT MY CROCS ON.” Oh, for goodness sake.

With the 3yr old, it’s about slippers. He has an aversion to them. Won’t wear them. On one trip to Target last year, he convinced me to buy him a pair of gorgeous Bob The Builder slippers. Already having discovered his dislike of the house slipper, I said, “But you won’t wear them.” He shook his head and looked up at me, his big brown eyes innocent and wanting. “I will, Mummy. I will.” And so I bought them. He has never worn them. Ever. 

I’m a sucker.

Yes, Lady At My Son’s Sports Class – I understand. I empathize. I get it. My kids’ shoes are the bane of my life too.



Lucy said...

Oh me too. If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of my 3 tell me they had a prickle in their sock, or that their shoe was "yukky" then I would be a rich bitch, I tell ya.....

And then my youngest has the cheek to whinge that she stubbed her toe......?! Put some bloody shoes on then!

Lori said...

Too funny. My little man is obsessed with shoes. One of my first ever blog posts was about it. I'll try and find it ummmm...... here 'tis


Michelle said...

shoes are an issue in our family too - my 9 year old has thongs or footy boots - need to buy him some more - not a fun task.
the car becomes their shoe cupboard.
if we clean out the car we often have one or two hobos without shoes when we get to the shops or church!
bring back the days where kids didn't have to wear shoes to school!

Thea said...

Oh, that's too funny!
Guess who else was talked into Bob slippers and guess who never wore them? Not once. LOL

Nomie said...

I have given up. The battle is lost. Master11 has 2 pairs of sneakers - 1 for cricket, 1 for school, he also has a pair of crocs and a pair of volleys that's it. Summer he wears crocs. AND PLEASE DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THE NEED FOR SMOOTH SOCKS INSIDE SHOES... really, is it that important???
As for Miss9.... she is the hardest to find good fitting shoes... very long, very narrow feet. Any pretty sandals? Nope, can't be done... ballet flats... even WITH a strap over the top.. her foot falls out, the win we have is volleys and... you guessed it crocs, I buy her winter boots... but she grows into a new size every 3 months... so we have a huge supply of target black boots!