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Monday, May 03, 2010

What Was Your Stand Out Moment on the Weekend?

When you think back on your weekend, what moment stood out for you? Here's mine...

A few things to mention this week. Firstly, the 6yr old lost his second tooth on Friday night. After the debacle last time (when he swallowed it and then the tooth fairy appeared to have failed to show up - read about my Tooth Fairy Fail here), although not without its minor drama, it all went a lot more smoothly this time. 

The 6yo was brushing his teeth when the tooth fell in to the sink. With the water running, it was only a matter of time before the tooth got carried away down the drain, but the 8yr old grabbed it just in time and saved the day. (Not, in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined the 8yr old brave enough to touch someone else's tooth. Don't kids surprise you sometimes?) 

This time, I made sure the tooth fairy's money was securely deposited under the pillow. Funnily enough though, in the morning I found the 6yr old sitting on the couch, playing his Nintendo DS. I asked, "Did the tooth fairy come?" confidence clearly audible in my voice. "Oh," the 6yr old replied. "I forgot to check." And then he returned to saving Yoshi from crashing his go-cart (or something similar. Whatever). What the...? Eventually, he ran off to check, saying, "I wonder if the tooth fairy put it in the pillow case again this time," giggling and rolling his eyes. Silly tooth fairy.

Also, last night I had to turn down the 8yr old and 6yr old's school pants ready to wear today. When they tried their pants on, both were too tight in the waist. Having missed the "sewing gene" my mother possesses in spades (along with the "baking gene" that I also managed to miss out on) I had no idea what to do. Then I recalled my MIL cutting where the elastic is. I did that, and surprisingly it seemed to loosen up just nicely. Except....that during the cutting process, I also managed to cut a hole in the 8yr old's pants, up near the waist. Sigh.

Not to worry - I stitched it up (albeit crudely), and the boys are both in their pants and happy (as they can be anyway, wearing their formal uniform).

So, that was my weekend. I could mention a few other interesting/fun things, but will keep those for later. 

How about you? Anything in particular you wanna share from yours?

Before I go, I just wanted you to know that seeing that Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, I'll be sharing some posts on motherhood with you this week. Posts about my mum, being a mum myself, and past Mother's Day celebrations (which haven't always been a garden of chrysanthemum's, I'm afraid).

Until then, enjoy your week!



MegsyJ said...

Yay for the 8 y.o. saving the tooth!

I spent most of the weekend ensconced in my writing, but I think the highlight was sitting down having a long chat with my younger brother last night - after a few weeks of tension it was just nice to talk and reconnect.

Looking forward to your week of motherhood posts!

Jane said...

Good work, tooth fairy!

My stand out? Spending Saturday night watching Harry Potter and eating Maltesers with a girlfriend. Reminded me how much fun I could have without spending a truckload of money. It's all about the simple things!

Looking forward to reading all your mummy related posts throughout the week! xx

Thea Smith said...

I went on a date!! It was so nice I blogged about it, as you know.

Wish I could have done the pants for you. :)

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Sounded a great weekend, Thea!

You can catch Thea's post on her date on her blog - Do I Really Wanna Blog? A link is on the RHS of my homepage, under Blogs I Love Reading. (scroll on down)